See Shruti Marathe Hot Photos & Read Her Sharing On Casting Couch

Hanima Anand |Apr 01, 2020

Summer is coming and sexy actresses are rushing to flaunt their best bodies. Let’s see what this Marathi beauty has for us with this Shruti Marathe hot photoshoots in swimwear!

Among the hottest Marathi actresses, Shruti Marathe is among the most popular name thanks to her beauty and talent. As summer approaches, let’s dive in the best Shruti Marathe hot photos in bikini and swimwear.

Shruti Marathe Hot Look
Are you ready for her hottest look?

While enjoying her sizzling poses, we get you extra information about her biography and career. Here we go!

Shruti Marathi Hot In Bikini
Shruti looks cute and sexy at the same time.

Shruti Marathe was born on October 9th, 1986 in Vadodara in Gujarat. She will be 34 years old this year but her face may baffle anyone with her young sexy look.

Shruti Marathe Hot
This girl with dreamy eyes owns a strong personality.

Shruti Marathe studied at St. Mira’s College and pursued modelling even before graduation. However, it was not until 2014 that she made her debut in the Marathi movie industry with Sanai Choughade, produced by Shreyas Talpade.

Shruti Marathe Hot Photo
Before joining the Marathi film industry, she is a model.

She also starred in Tamil movies among which Indira Vizha was her very first one.

Shruti Marathe Hot Pool Look
Shruti is often shy when wearing bikini though she looks stunning in it.

From that time onwards, she joined many projects in regional movie industries, namely Naan Avanillai 2, Teecha Baap Tyacha Baap or Guru Sishyan.

Shruti Marathe Hot Pose
No matter how hard she tries, she can't hide her sexiness.

Shruti Marathi is 1.65m tall and has brown eye colour.

Shruti Marathe Hot Casual
An angel face with perfect figure

More recently, she also participated in Hindi and Kannada movies. She played the role of Gita in the Hindi film Budhia Singh – Born to Run and also featured in the Kannada project named Aadu Aata Aadu, both in 2017.

Shruti Marathe Sexy Look
What about from this angle?

Other than acting, Shruti Marathe is quite active on television such as in Radha Hi Bawari drama on Zee Marathi channel.

Shruti Marathe Hot Pose
Shruti has done some hot photoshoots to promote her movies.

Talking about her personality, Shruti is a brave girl who dares to say no to the dark side of the movie industry.

Shruti Marathe Sexy Long Dress
She is a brave queen in Marathi film industry.

In a post last year, she revealed her experience with the so-called casting couch scandal behind the glamour world.

Shruti Marathe Hot 2
The actress used to experience a casting couch situation.

She shared that a producer had offered her a lead role and it all seemed very professional at first. However, he started using such words as “compromise” and “one night” when discussing with her. Shruti realized his motive and she was not hesitant to respond:

“If you want me to sleep with you, who are you making the hero sleep with?”

Shruti Marathe Hot
Shruti dares to speak out for women rights!

Of course the producer then shut up for good. She even informed others and asked him to leave the team. As for her, women objectification must be stopped, by all means.

Shruti Marathe Hot Sharing
Shruti is loved by many fans for her smart beauty.

Not just that, Shruti Marathe hot sharing also went viral on the Internet for the truths revealed about the seemingly glamorous job.

"Over the years I've been celebrated in the limelight & shamed behind the camera. People have a misconception that actors lead a comfortable life and always feel good about themselves - that's not true. Whether we like it or not, whether we feel right or not, we have to be the best versions of ourselves. There are no 'bad days,'"

Shruti Marathe Hot Wallpaper
Here's a rare time she is confident wearing bikini in front of camera.

Shruti is loved by fans for her powerful words and smart beauty. That doesn’t mean her sexy posing is less attractive. Evidence is what you are seeing now.

Shruti Marathe Sexy Dress
The beautiful actress looks stunning in a multicolor design.

So, that’s all we would like to share about our Shruti Marathe hot photos and facts. Should you want to follow her updates daily, click to see Shruti Instagram.

Do come back for more information and hot photoshoots.

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