Raqesh Bapat Spends His Bhau Beej With His Loved Ones In Pune

Author |Nov 07, 2018

He is really happy as after virtually a decade, he can be in Pune to celebrate the festival with his family

Actor-model Raqesh has not celebrated festival Diwali for more than ten years. This year is an exception as he ensured to take time and head to Pune. The actor is about to be in this city to celebrate the festival with his loved ones.

He is really happy as after virtually a decade, he can be in Pune to celebrate the festival with his family, says Raqesh. The actor further added that ever since he relocated to Mumbai, he rarely had time to pay a visit to Pune during the festivals. However, he continued that he was all set to have a blast with his family this year.

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The festival is even more significant for Raqesh as he is able to spend time with his respectful sister Sheetal who is considered as a guiding factor of his life. The actor has lots of love and holds her in considerable respect.

Sharing his childhood memory, the actor revealed that he still remembers, on Bhau Beej, his sister bullied him to touch her feet. He then said that it was also the only time when his sister requested him to do something.

Talking about his elder sister Tai, the actor shared she is the one who has a big influence on him as she has taught him to be more practical and especially not sit in an ivory tower. Heaping praise on his big sister, Raqesh said that she is honest and blunt. According to him, his sister is also his reality checker as well as a grounding factor.

She always tells him to carve his way out if he wants something, he said. Raqesh further added that in case things do not work out, Tai will push him to move on.

The Vrindavan star can’t get enough of eating home-cooked meals, indeed faraal prepared by his mom. He shared that when he is in Pune, he typically eat everything made at home. It stands to reason that he really misses his family meals when he is in Mumbai.

Answering the question about the gift for her sister on Bhau Beej, Raqesh said that he had gifted his sister a gold and diamond bangle when he had started earning a long time ago. She still uses it and she is not the type of people who expect something in return, he added.

However, she keeps praying for his health and success instead and does not expect anything from her celebrity brother.


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