Ranveer Singh In 'Simmba' Is A Brand New Daya From The Hit 'Temper'

Bindhiya Nhi |Dec 04, 2018

The director of "Simmba" confirmed that the movie takes inspiration from "Temper" and many fans are looking forward to a new Daya played by Ranveer Singh.

Temper (2015) is a famous Indian movie directed by Puri Jagannadh. The leading actor is N.T.Rama Rao Jr who plays as a corrupt police officer trying his best to earn illegal money. In December 2017, director Rohit Shetty confirmed that his movie "Simmba" starring Ranveer Sign takes inspiration from the blockbuster "Temper." In the original, the main actor Daya is an orphan, and he lives a poor life. He realizes that the polices around him all live in such a rich life and it becomes his motivation. Daya grows up to be a cop, later using people to earn money illegally and does not regret even once. In "Simmba", Blahlerao Sangram is another version of Daya.


Though Daya in "Temper" is going in a wrong direction, he starts to change his thinking after a conversation. The character talks to a sister of a rape victim, and he feels extremely emotional. He seems to change his thoughts and goes to a right path. Before that moment, Daya is just a bad cop. He is just a local gangster who fools people using his cop uniform. He has no shame, he has no sympathy, and this trait of the main character makes the movie become such a huge success. However, what touches people more is the way Daya changes later. At first, Daya does not have qualms of conscience, then when it slowly comes to the end of the movie, he starts to feel emotional and guilty about what he has done to the innocent people.

The incident which changes Daya's path is also dramatic. The local thugs want to kidnap a girl, but they mistake her for Shanvi, Daya's lover. Later Shanvi is released because the thugs know Daya. However, Shanvi thinks of the original victim and asks her lover to help the girl. "Temper" plot really knows how to tug the viewer's heartstrings. In the 2015 version, Prakash Raj acted as the villain, while in "Simmba," this role belongs to Sonu Sood.

Because "Temper" is such a hit, everyone is also looking forward to the new version of Daya by Ranveer Singh. "Simmba" is set to be on theater on December 28th.



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