Rajiv Kanakala Crestfallen After Sister Srilakshmi Kanakala PASSED AWAY, Grieving His Third Loss In Three Years

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 07, 2020

Srilakshmi Kanakala, who is the sister of Telugu actor Rajiv Kanakala, breathed her last on Monday, April 7 in Hyderabad, leaving her brother disheartened as both of their parents have just passed away recently.

After losing both of his parents within two years in a row, Telugu film actor Rajiv Kanakala once again has to suffer from another huge loss as his only sister Srilakshmi Kanakala, who also works in the industry, had just passed away from cancer last night. Srilakshmi Kanakalaa, who is also well-known as a Telugu actress, was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. The actress was survived by her husband, the senior journalist Peddi Rama Rao and two of their daughters. 

Rajiv Kanakala Srilakshmi Kanakala
Rajiv Kanakala's sister Srilakshmi Kanakala passed away on Monday, April 7 in Hyderabad

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, the Kanakala family and fans were unable to circle around at the moment Srilakshmi Kanakala breathed her last. Meanwhile, actor Harshavardhan also took to his social media handle urging people to stay indoors for the sake of everyone no matter how bereaved it was. He also added that the video was shared under the permission of Srilakshmi’s family. However, the video is no longer available on the internet. 

Rajiv Kanakala Srilakshmi Kanakala 2
Srilakshmi Kanakala is also a talented TV actress

Being the daughter of the prominent actors Devadas and Lakshmi Kanakala, Srilakshmi Kanakala is also the younger sister of actor Rajiv Kanakala and sister-in-law of Telugu actress Suma Kanakala. She made her TV debut in the show Rajasekhara Charitra alongside her father. In addition to that, she also featured in other shows including Super Mom, Ruthu Geetham, Chinnari, and Agnipoolu.

Rajiv Kanakala Family
Rajiv Kanakala also lost both of their parent in 2018 and 2019

Rajiv Kanakala and his sister Srilakshmi Kanakala suffered from huge losses over the last 2 years as their mother Lakshmi Kanakala died of cardiac arrest in February 2018 while their father Devadas also passed away a year later in 2019. The death of Rajiv Kanakala's sister left him crestfallen. At the moment, neither the actor nor his wife has officially spoken up on Srilakshmi's death. 


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