Mithila Palkar Stays With Family In Her Favourite Festival, Diwali

ThuyNT |Nov 05, 2018

Actress Mithila Palkar shares that if she doesn’t go out of her way, there will never have free time at home to enjoy festivals or special ceremonies. Therefore, the actor has taken some days off to commemorate the big festival Diwali with her grandparents this year. Mithila says that Diwali is her favourite festival and she will be at home for as much as she could to enjoy this time with family.
For the young actor, Diwali is something sweets and savory when the house is set alight, people try some candies, earthen diyas light up and the whole family gathers together. She says that Diwali is coming when people have faraal served for all day. Mithila loves the vibe when family members come together. The actress added that she is not a sweet and chocolate lovers but she’s passionate about eating kanola as well as karanji so much that she has to gobble it up right after it out of the frying pan.

However, when asked whether she can make these candies or not, Mithila Palkar also admits that she doesn’t know how to make sweets and savories herself but she can help her grandmother. The young star remembers that when small, she often went to the kitchen and helped her grandmom knead the dough. She had always been curious about those kinds of stuff and considered them a big task.

Mithila Palkar3
Mithila Palkar is so excited to enjoy her grandmother’s faraal

Besides, the actress recalls a memorable moment and must-try ritual that is visiting a Ganesh Temple located in Dadar. That experience began as an unplanned exercise and has become a special occasion with her friends. She states that she and her friends would dress up in every Diwali to visit the temple when they still studied at school. Then they all have been following this religious tradition for so many years and have never ever passed over a single year.

Sharing some tiny things about the main day of Diwali, Mithila reveals that she starts the day with ubtan and tikka made by her grandmother and a morning bath with sandalwood soap. The girl also shares that she would wear new clothes all days and tidy up the house because the cleansing house was very important to Indians in Diwali festival. Finding some old photographs and getting nostalgic was always the best thing.

Mithila has achieved a successful year and owned a Bollywood release, a web series release and so on. She shares with the public that she doesn’t have any plan but she feels appreciate and grateful to everything which has been so fantastic in 2018. Her motto is to keep focusing on work even it’s huge or small. Now, the potential actress is totally enthusiastic about all her plans and projects.


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