5 Biggest Controversies Boost Priyanka Chopra To The Headlines

Nalini Suri |Aug 26, 2019

The crown of the topic, as well as global icon, Priyanka Chopra had purple lines in some controversies that really turned us a shock. Scroll down to know more!

Today every time Priyanka Chopra appears on the headlines, she got click for her brand name. Not only holding popularity in the domestic market, but Priyanka’s name has also spread over the world and won her a spot in Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of 2019 In The World.

priyanka chopra

The iconic actress is the ambassador for many brands and organizations including UNICEF as well. But currently, she is dealing with several criticisms on her tweet since February against the Pakistani Human Rights Commission. Because of this, the organization filed to UNICEF for getting rid of her out of an ambassador for this global fund.

priyanka chopra

Another debate which also came alongside the 37-year-old actress recently is the picture of her smoking when being on a yacht on her birthday occasion. In front of so many spoken attacks, she has redefined her strong willing as always. So, let’s see her powerful personalities throughout the top 5 controversies which made her name fly higher!

The Pakistan controversy

priyanka chopra on the pakistan controversy

Receiving the honor to be the Goodwill Ambassador of Peace, however, during Pakistan’s Balakot airstrikes, Priyanka left two controversial words on her Twitter in February this year: “Jai Hind”. Feeling lukewarm behind the national issue, the Pakistani Human Rights Commission has filed its voice of dropping the Bollywood actress from the position as UNICEF ambassador.



Altercation against Kareena Kapoor Khan

Both privileged hot actresses have bloomed a serious sass on the well-known TV show Koffee With Karan.  Appearing on the show in 2010, Kareena compiled a dig at Priyanka when asking:


Spinning a shrewish reply to Kareena’s "satirical" question, Priyanka sat down on the show’s couch two episodes later to affirm that:


 kareena kapoor khan talk about priyanka chopra koffee with karan

Assault from the Income Tax to her apartment

income tax raid priyanka apartment

One year after her tiff with Kareena on the talk show, Priyanka continued to shower her name over headlines by another controversy. The Income Tax department had made their decision to raid PeeCee’s residence when only Shahid Kapoor greeted them at that time.

priyanka chopra

A source revealed that:


Adding to the issue, an I-T official said:


Visible armpit

priyanka chopra armpit

It might sound funny as a joke but it’s true as the global icon used to get trolled for her image of visible armpit on a magazine cover. Taking advantage of this chance, Twitterati joked that Priyanka didn’t go an advance for a realistic body and later, the diva shared her own unfiltered photo on Twitter as an against voice to haters.

Inappropriate dressing in front of Prime Minister

priyanka chopra meets narendra modi

During her busy promotion for Baywatch in the capital of German, she knew that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also there. This concluded her a meeting with the PM but her appearance in a knee-length skirt got trolled for "showing off her legs".

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