Boney Kapoor Will Never Stop Until Priya Prakash Varrier's Sridevi Bungalow Is Aborted

Bindhiya Nhi |Jan 20, 2019

Boney Kapoor cannot accept that Priya Prakash Varrier's Sridevi Bungalow is trying to cash on his wife's death. He has to take legal step to stop it.

Sridevi was pronounced dead on 24 February 2018, and the news was a great shock to the Bollywood industry. Her family members are still finding it difficult to accept the truth that Sridevi is no longer with them. While Sridevi's family is not yet over with the sadness, Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier and her latest project stir things up once again. Her Bollywood debut movie trailer Sridevi Bungalow was released, and it seemed like there was a resemblance between its story and Sridevi's death. As the old wounds were opened, director Boney Kapoor had to slap a legal notice on the team.

According to a source, Boney Kapoor was very angry knowing that Sridevi Bungalow was trying to cash on his wife's death. It said,

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Moreover, the source stressed that Boney would surely the take legal step to stop this sleazy project.


On the other side, the movie director Prasanth Mambully tried to justify himself by saying that the similar character name Sridevi was just a coincidence. He said it was a common name, but Boney obviously did not buy his words.

A friend of Sridevi's husband shared that,

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At an event, Sridevi's daughter Janhvi also received a question related to the matter. However, her answer was still unknown as she had gone away with her team first.

Being the center of the controversy, the lead actress Priya also shared her thoughts on the matter. In her opinion, the similar name was not a strange thing to discuss. "I think the curiosity surrounding the trailer is good and we have to leave it to the audience to judge if the film is based on the veteran actress Sridevi ma'am," she said.

In Sridevi Bungalow, the 'wink girl' portraits an actress who is stuck in her loneliness. From the teaser, we could see an actress's death in a bathtub. This scene had a strong connection to Sridevi's death and caused considerable controversy in the industry.

Sridevi Bungalow Official Trailer

Priya Prakash Varrier shot to fame with her winks and finger-gun kisses in the songs from Oru Adaar Love. However, they have not been released yet. She was also rumoured to be in Simmba of Rohit Shetty, but it was confirmed that the news was false.


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