Allu Arjun's Son Receives A Lavish Birthday Gift - A Swimming Pool - On His 5th Birthday

Kareena Kusari |Apr 04, 2019

It turns out that Allu Arjun's father gave his grandson Ayaan freedom in choosing a birthday gift from one month earlier. And Ayaan's desire was made: he had a swimming pool right on his birthday.

As one of the most prominent talents of Telugu cinema, actor Allu Arjun not only possesses the superior acting ability but also is the loving husband and devoted father. In spite of his hectic schedule, the actor still finds his time for his beloved family, particularly his cute children.

With her innocence, his lovely little girl Allu Arha will surely make the audiences' hearts skip a beat, whereas we also can't ignore the cute and mischievous look of Allu's eldest son Ayaan.

Allu Arjun 2
Allu Arjun's happy moment alongside his family in Ayaan's 5th birthday. Photo Credit: Instagram.

Yesterday, on the occasion of the fifth birthday of Allu's son Ayaan, his wife Sneha took to Instagram to share the whole family's happy moment from the little son's birthday bash. "Happy birthday Ayaan," she wrote a caption alongside the pic. In the photo, Ayaan looks happy and adorable, while the cute younger sister Arha is busy savoring the birthday cake's taste.

On his special occasion yesterday, Ayaan has enjoyed a priceless gift that any child ever wishes and envies: a swimming pool. Allu Arjun also posted on his Instagram Ayaan's cute moment together with a caption:

Screenshot 7

It turns out that Ayaan's paternal grandfather gave him freedom in choosing his birthday gift from one month earlier. And Ayaan's desire was made: he had a swimming pool right on his birthday. Also, Allu shared another photo, capturing the moment of Ayaan taking a dip and enjoying the fresh water in the pool. It is indeed a great gift, especially as the summer is fast approaching.

Take a look at Ayaan's photos on his father' Instagram:

Allu Ayaan is the first child of Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy, born on April 3, 2014. Meanwhile, Allu Arha, the couple's the second child, was born on November 21, 2016.

On the work front, Allu Arjun has created excitement among his fanbase as making an official announcement about his upcoming collaboration with director Sukumar. The two's last collaboration was in Telugu flick Arya 2, which took place nine years ago.


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