Actor Vishal is going to get married, GK Reddy - his father claimed

Rena Quynh |Jan 26, 2019

Vishal Krishna and his father are going to head off Hyderabad to get married with Anisha.

Vishal has excellent news for you, are you ready to receive it? His father GK Reddy confirmed the information that Vishal is going to be engaged with a woman named Anisha in January 2019. This set all his fan on fire since they believed that Vishal had an affair with actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.

According to Tamil Daily, Hyderabad will be Vishal’s next destination with his family where the engagement ceremony is held, and they also plan for the wedding as well. Until now, we only know the name of Vishal’s fiancée, but her biographical and family information is still unknown.


Vishal is also known as president of Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council (TNPC) and leader of Nadigar Sangam. Recently he has been caught up in a scandal when trying to break into TNPC's office when the office was locked. This has caused him trouble with the police and forced to go to the station to explain. Explaining this confusing situation, other producers thought he was a man who is false to his promise. They made an excuse that he misused council funds into private affairs with a loss of Rs 7 crore.

Vishal 4

Vishal has confided his thoughts about the recent scandal with a fierce and determined attitude. “I was shocked. I knew I had made many enemies…or rather I wouldn’t call them enemies, but people who are not on the same page as me…Ironically they slapped me with charges from the wrong section and arrested me. To my good fortune, the honourable judge ordered my immediate release. It just strengthens my belief in our country’s judicial system, and also in my belief that the truth, which always hurts the untruthful, will always prevail. Bullying tactics won’t work with me. When they tried to stop me, I refused to listen to them. Who are they to try to stop me? I am an elected President of the TFPC. How can they prevent me from going into my own office?”

His father always stands by his side, wholeheartedly supporting and encouraging him during these difficult times. He believes that his son ‘would face the challenge and emerge victoriously’.


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