96 Movie Review: An Exquisite Story of The Beautifully Heart-Breaking Love

Author |Oct 04, 2018

Any romantic film could left unforgettable feelings in audiences’ heart, regardless of it ends happily or sadly. “96”, with no exception, is another satisfying love story that enjoyed a huge popularity from fans and critics.

Any romantic film could left unforgettable feelings in audiences’ heart, regardless of it ends happily or sadly. “96”, with no exception, is another satisfying love story that enjoyed a huge popularity from fans and critics. Directed and written by C. Prem Kumar, 96 conveyed touching heartbreaking scenes and tons of hidden messages behind it. Therefore, fans will never forget what it’s about and how it ends.

At the beginning of “96”, the film opened the scene of Vijay Sethupathi who plays the role of Ram, a passionate travel photographer. The director attentively depicted his role as beautiful and joyful as he could be at the very first five minutes. During this first part, Prem Kumar communicated his character through the song named “Life of Ram”. And, the background in these five minutes was shot in myriad India’s parts.

“96” Review: Touching Song & Story

Interestingly, the song funnily shows how lovely Ram is when he uses his camera to memorize stunning moments. Moreover, every click will awaken reminiscences that he closely takes in his heart. Especially, there is a great moving scene in which his students are told by him not to photograph a memory but to capture it.

96 Movie

Besides the demonstration of Ram’s beautiful character, the song also reveals another aspect of his character. In fact, he is a person who often lives with loneliness without much friendship. Next, the song continues to describe Ram driving through Thanjore. He then makes a stoppage at the school, All Saints Matriculation School that he used to attend in the past. Here, he is overwhelmed with nostalgia when he brings to his mind memories with the batchmates. After that, Ram, as well as some of his close friends, make up their mind to gather and reunite with each other. Fans feel so excited about this scene as there’s a line of their chattings on whatsapp. The scene also illustrates how they get together for a reunion of the entire 1996 batch. Throughout this scene, we have a chance to meet Jaanu ala Janaki played by Trisha. She used to be Ram’s adolescent dearest at All Saints Matriculation School.

It’s time for a brief introduction of Trisha. In the film, she acts as Jaanu’s adult version. 30 minutes have passed by and we could only witness Jaanu when she’s at the version of 15 years old. After 22 years, Jaanu and Ram finally join with each other for the first time. At their meeting, both of them don’t talk much too the other. However, we still understand their expression of long-time desperation.

“96” Review: How “96” Outstands Others Of The Same Genre?

In the current world of Bollywood film industry, there are so many romances that also give a picture of loving stories. However, most of them cannot get across the love without spreading the words. With “96”, it shows a different aspect. The film has successfully conveyed the love stories, but there’s no need to show off it on the big screen. One of the most obvious evidence for this art involves every scene of the couple, Ram and Jaanu. You can see that they never confess their love to each other. Nevertheless, audiences could still realize how much they love the other.

In addition, the attractiveness of “96” is thanks to tacit words. And, the film flows towards the deep emotion with the interference of melodious music by Govind Vasantha. Specifically, viewers are indulged in the sounds of flutes as well as violins. Hence, audiences will never find any blanks during the film process.

96 Movie

There is a highlight of “96” in which we will never forget. It’s when Ram murmurs some words to one of Jaanu’s closest friends. Then, she gets surprised by the things that Ram has just said to her. For sure, we don’t know what Ram told Jaanu’s friend. But, we all understand that what he had spoken to her because there’s a scene which presents Jaanu at the background.

“96” Review: Highlights

In Tamil movies, we don’t usually come across such types of characters like Jaanu and Ram. There’s a great scene that will make you feel interested. It’s the way Ram invites Jaanu to his home. He feels hesitated to do that because he thinks the night has come and his invitation seems unsuitable. But, they finally visit Ram’s house due to the late night. And here, viewers have a chance to catch in their eyes a very amazing moment.

The film depicts another unforgettable scene. In this section, the version of younger Ram appears in which he is standing outside a college owned by a woman. It looks like he is asking something from a student from this college. Here, younger Ram apparently shows his character by respectfully asking the woman’s name, then say thank you to her. This scene flaunts the difference between Ram and other men in the world of Tamil cinema. In detail, Tamil men never hold women in high esteem and feel puzzled to chase the love. Whereas, Ram behaves politely towards women and has a certain respect for them.

“96” Review: Star Performances

The acting of Vijay Sethupathi, as well as Trisha, is a good treat for the audiences. From her recent role in the film, Trisha claims herself with a lifetime’s role. And, it seems that this role cannot arrive at a more opportune moment. That’s why Trisha fully understands Jaanu’s character. Hence, she could entirely control this role; thereby, enabling the audiences to fall head over heels in love with her. As regards Vijay Sethupathi, he gradually develops himself to become the best Bollywood actor of all time. Throughout his acting career, Vijay entertains his fans so much via a plenty of impressive roles and characters.

96 Movie

“96” Review: Final Thought

It is such an incredible story that spread out during a night. The films took some time to make it start and build up things. However, we will never feel regret paid time off to concentrate on setting up the foundation for Ram and Jaanu to meet each other after a long time of up to 22 years. At their reunion, they still sympathize with the other as they used to be when they’re classmates. All in all, the film climax with touching scenes are enough to make “96” a great story of the heartbreaking love.


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