2018 Kollywood Rewind: It Was All About The Tamil Sequels!

Bindhiya Nhi |Jan 04, 2019

It was a blissful year for Kollywood and its great sequels movies. Let's go through 2018 to list them out once again in a quick rewind.

2018 was a blissful year for the Kollywood industry as the viewers had a variety of interesting Tamil movies. There were many categories, yet they seemed to be similar in one thing: The sequels. Many of 2018 Tamil projects were sequels to previous famous movies before. However, not all of them received the same positive reactions. Some got many praises, while others let the viewers down because they had expected too much. Let's take a look back in 2018 and review the joyous Kollywood sequels.


Kalakkalaapu 2

The first on the list was Kalakkalaapu 2 which was released on February 9th. Sundar C was still the director of the next part of the previous Kalakkalaapu. Though it was named as the second of the original one, Kalakkalaapu 2 did not share the same story as the first one. The comedy movie starred Jiiva, Galrani and Jai Nikki and later became a hit in the box office.


Thamizh Padam 2

Thamizh Padam 2 starred Shiva and Iswarya Menonhad and hit the box office in July 2018. As expected from the original successful Thamizh Padam, its sequel was also a superb movie and got a great reaction from the fans.


Vishwaroopam 2

Due to the fact that Vishwaroopam was a hit and many viewers wanted more, director and actor Kamal Haasan continued to make the second part of the movie. While the first film was set in the United States, Vishwaroopam II takes place in India. However, it seemed that the sequel let people down and some said that the movie had tried to go forth too much and too quickly.


Saamy Square

Saamy Square was released in September 2018 after 15 years since its original Saamy hit the box office. The fans surely had been waiting for so long until they could meet again their favorite character Saamy. Despite the expectation, the sequel was unable to satisfy the loyal fans.


Sandakozhi 2

This was another long wait! The first movie Sandakozhi was released in 2005 and 13 years later, its sequel Sandakozhi 2 wanted to get the same positive reaction as the original one. The director was Lingusamy while the main cast had the famous Vishal. It hit the screen in October 2018 and got bad reception due to its dramatic storyline.



If there was one sequel that could live up to the viewers' expectations, it must have been 2.0! The science fiction and action movie released in November 2018 and even got a better reaction than the original Ethiran in 2010. The movie was such a hit with all the language versions and had earned 750 crores at the box office!


Maari 2

The last on the list was Maari 2 starred Dhanush and Sai Pallavi. It was released at the end of 2018 and at the moment, the movie is still running in the cinemas. The movie seemed to be a good entertaining one for the viewers as it lived up to the expectations of them.


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