GUESS!!! Who Is The Richest Among The Jonas Brothers?

Priyansh Ha |Apr 08, 2019

Do you ever wonder who is the richest among these three siblings? Pick one and see if you get it right!

Jonas Brothers boy band is back and as great as always. While the number of their latest hits' views are racking up on Youtube every day, the number in their bank account soar up at the same pace.

Even when their band income is shared evenly, each of them also has an individual business which brings up a great deal of money too. So, do you ever wonder who is the richest of these three siblings? Pick one and scroll down to see if you get it right!

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Nick Jonas

Net Worth: $25 million

In case you do not know, before getting back the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas used to be in another band called Nick Jonas and the Administration. Even when he didn’t earn much from this venture, he got lucky with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - one of 4 highest grossing movies in 2017. In addition to that, he has been hard-working at making music and dropping digital singles which significantly adds up to his income.

Of course, it’s hard to believe that the 26-year-old singer has earned $25 million in total thanks to his artsy projects. This guy has a strong relationship with brands. Just look at the way he uses brand’s products in his bachelor party or music video “Sucker.”

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Kevin Jonas

Net Worth: $20 million

I bet that most of you think Kevin is the richest as he and his wife Danielle even hosted a show on E! In facts, the eldest brother stops at the second position.

The singer was even started up his own business, being the founder of Jonas Werner, a real estate company. He is also the CEO of a communications company which works with social media influencers.

And just like Nick or any other celebrities, Kevin also takes to his Instagram with sponson.

Joe Jonas

Net Worth: $18 million

Well, Joe might be not as rich as other members of the Jonas Brothers, but he is making more money than most of us. Even when his band DCNE is quite popular with some hits, it’s a band, and their income is shared.  

Another reason it Joe seems not to be interested in sponsored content. However, we can only find a few of these posts on his Instagram. Anyway, it pays pretty well. 


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