What Makes Bryans Adam Admire Nick Jonas

ThuHTN |Sep 27, 2018

Last year Bryan Adams worked with Priyanka Chopra. When he was asked about Priyanka, he shared many interesting things about her.

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Have you heard any news of Bryan Adams ?

Bryan Adams is coming back India for The Ultimate Tour. It begins on 9 th October in Ahmedabad and concludes on 14 th October in Delhi. The tour includes five places - Amebada, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. His big fans will never miss this chance.

Bryan is extremely excited about the show. He said that India gives him a sense of adventure. As long as fans are interested in his music, he will be there. This is the fifth time he returns to India. He is ready to storm off stage on the tour. Moreover, he will release his new album in 2019.

Last year Bryan Adams worked with Priyanka Chopra. When he was asked about Priyanka, he shared many interesting things about her. He also revealed that she might perform with him on The Ultimate Tour.

This is the fifth time you bring the tour to India. Can you share your impression of India ? What do you expect from this one ?

I still remember the first time I went to India. The guitarist Keith and I caught a taxi from the airport. Afterwards, we met an elephant sleeping on the way. It was an incredible experience. Nowhere impressed me like India. I’m always eager to discover your beautiful country.

I listened to your song “When You’re Gone” so many times. You have a habit of inviting a female fan to sing this song. Will you do it again ?

I think it is too dangerous for soft hearts.

Your album “Ultimate” is a combination of your old hits. How do you feel about those memories ?

Music helps heal our soul and uplift our spirit. This is the reason why I choose it. I want to make everyone happy.

You said that musicians couldn’t pay bills by selling albums. So what is the role of live shows ?

It is very important. You can introduce your music to audience in live shows.

How about your new photography book ?

I named it “Homeless”. It is told about the beggars sleeping on London’s streets.

Do you like any Indian star ? And which Indian musical instruments you like to learn ?

I’m a big fan of AR Rahman. Besides, Pandit Ravi Shankar inspired me with his music. I always want to play a sitar like him. Maybe I will make noise with it.

You had a photo shoot with Priyanka Chopra. She is getting married. Do you have any message ?

Priyanka Chopra is a great talent. And Nick Jonas is a lucky man. I’m happy for her.


You have experienced 40 years in the music industry. How do you adjust to its change ?

I don’t pay attention to social media. I only focus on my work.

How can big stars remain their popularity ?

Many celebrities can remain their fame in the long run while others do not. I’m absolute keep silent when I make my projects. And I will be back soon.


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