The 8 Greatest Albums To Have Hit Store Shelf In 2019

Ariana Linh |Jul 21, 2019

2019 has been a great year for music, and if you want to groove with the hottest new tracks, check out this list of the years' best album to have been released so far.

Dig deep inside yourself, and ask if there is any experience better than getting your hands on a new album of your favorite artists?

That feeling of just letting yourself go and immerse in the latest hits is unmatched. Fortunately, 2019 has been a great year for music, and if you want to achieve the same sensation we do, you can't go wrong with anything on this list.

Time-traveling alert: There are albums of the Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne.

Inner Monologue Part 1 - Julia Michaels

Album Jul

There would be no disagreement when we say Julia Michaels is a genius. And when she set out to release her own song, it's a blessing to all music fans. Inner Monologue Part 1 also features the Niall Horan and Selena Gomez. That's a combination no one would want to miss.

DNA - Backstreet Boys

Album Bsb Compressed

A complete flash from the past, and it's quite glaring to the eyes. The Backstreet Boys are back, and this time they are here to stay. Along with this album, the Boys are gracing us with their presence as they tour around the world.

Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

Album Ari

You would think Thank U, Next? is one of Ariana's creams of the crop. It might be the lead single, but the song is just a small sneak peek into what the album has to offer. Try listening to Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored only once, we dare you. The album also consists of several other bangers, such as Imagine, Needy, NASA,... All equally awesome tracks.

The Love Train - Meghan Trainor

Album Love

Many would think Meghan Trainor was just another one-hit-wonder. But after All About The Bass and Dear Future Husband, this young star has been pumping out hits after hits, non-stop. The name of this new album is quite fitting since she has just married actor Daryl Sabara, known for his role as Juni Cortez from Spy Kids.

Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne

Album Avi

After five long years, Avril Lavigne is back, and she's back with a vengeance. Motivated by her struggle against Lyme disease, Avril is now standing proud and strong, singing her new tracks. It’s a compilation of emotional ballads and a contrast of upbeat songs like Dumb Blonde with an appearance of Nicki Minaj. Avril manages to make the whole album sad and funky at the same time.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish

Album Billie

Billie Eilish shot to fame in 2016 when she released her single Ocean Eyes on Soundcloud. Now, she's seen continuously on top of the Billboard and song charts the world over. Her new album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? has a darker tone compared to the previous EP but is all the better for it. Seriously, who hasn't heard of Bad Guy?

Happiness Begins - Jonas Brothers

Album Jonas Compressed

Is 2019 the year of comebacks, cause it's certainly shaping up to be. After The Backstreet Boys, another well-loved band, The Jonas Brothers, is once again on stage after nearly a decade. After breaking up over "creative differences", the boys are at it again with more mature tunes. The lead single for Happiness Begins, called Sucker, immediately reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and the US Hot Digital Songs chart, with 88,000 copies sold in its first week.

There you go folks, 8 newest, hottest tracks from some of the greatest, most talented musicians of the year 2019. If you are a music lover, don't hesitate and give them a listen.


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