Taylor Swift Send Cake With Peace Symbols To Katy Perry, Puts An End To Their Bad Blood Feud

Mina Muzumdar |Jun 12, 2019

Taylor Swift finally breaks end to Bad Blood feud with Katy Perry?

Both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are superstars in the music industry, but the two influencer singer had embroiled in a feud since 2012. Around that time, the What You Made Me Do singer accused a singer of sabotaging her tour by hiring her staff, who then was speculated to be Katy Perry.

Taylor Swift even released her controversy music video Bad Blood to reveal the real backstage story.

Taylor Katy
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Nevertheless, despite rumors have been doing around for a long time, Taylor Swift has finally broken end to their long-term feud.

In detail, the Me! singer just sent chocolate chip cookies to Katy Perry with "Peace At Last" message was written on top of the plate by red icing cream.

Taylor Swift
Taylor replied to Katy's post with heart emojis.

Soon after that, Katy Perry captioned her Instagram post "feels good @taylorswift" while tagging location is "Let's be Friends" as a gesture of peace between the two singers.

Later, Taylor also replied with a chain of heart emojis. But the latest buzz suggests that "Peace At Last" could be Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's upcoming project that they are working on together.

Earlier, Taylor Swift also shared that Katy Perry's latest song was in her favorite list. Talking about their relationship, Taylor Swift had confided:

"Everything that happens to us is just part of a story we’ll tell someday. These songs are the soundtrack to my story at the moment. I love this playlist for kitchen dance parties, long drives home, sun-soaked reflection, or aggressive bopping. All songs have been loved and appreciated by ME!".

Meantime, the Roar singer made a thump up to Taylor Swift's post which stating her opinion about politics. Even though Katy and Taylor's on-and-off friendship had made headlines over the last few years but it seems that they are now live in harmony.

Katy 1
Taylor Swift also received a hand-writing letter from Katy Perry earlier.

Also, Katy Perry sent to Taylor Swift a branch of the olive leaf as an effort to mend their broken relationship. Furthermore, along with the gift, she pens a handwriting letter to her, read: "Hey old friend, I've being doing some reflecting on our miscommunications and though feelings between us."


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