Taylor Swift Launches Her Fan Mode To Set A Mind-Blowing GoT Title For Jonathan Van Ness’s Cat

Ankita Chetana |Oct 11, 2019

Country music singer Taylor Swift has turned on her fan mode when presenting a title from her favourite “Game of Thrones” to Jonathan Van Ness’s cat.

Taylor Swift has never hidden that she is the queen of the popular TV series Game of Thrones’ fandom. She proudly disclosed that she shouted a loud voice at the HBO show and proved how it is real by channelling her inner queen Daenerys Targaryen.

Since then, she gave Jonathan Van Ness’ cute little kitten a unique title from Khaleesi of the multiple-award-winning show.

The prestigious TV star shared several adorable pics of her glancing at his white kitten named Genivieve. Jonathan wrote a caption alongside the pic that read:


Taylor Swift put a title for the cat

Then the 29-year-old singer put her fancy voice of a true fan of the popular TV show on the comment section of the post.

taylor swift game of thrones

Game of Thrones really invaded the singer’s mind that she often expressed her knowledge about the TV series. In her opinion, Daenerys’s character represents the power genre of women who hold logical business brains. For her, season 8 of the series strongly performed that attaining power is much easier than maintaining it, for a woman.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift shared her view:



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