Taylor Swift Faces Backlash For Stealing Ideas From Beyoncé In "You Need To Calm Down" Music Video

Maanyata Thu |Jun 19, 2019

Taylor Swift was accused of copying Beyoncé again after some Twitter users noticed the similarities between her 'You Need To Calm Down' with Beyoncé's Party music video

Taylor Swift has received some heat from Twitter users after they noticed the similarities between her star-studded You Need To Calm Down music video with Beyoncé’s Party music video in 2011.

Taylor Swift Stealing Ideas From Beyonce
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Some Twitter users started posting side-to-side photos implying that the country-turned-pop singer stole the ideas from Queen Bey’s 2011 music video especially scenes in a pool party at a trailer park.

Taylor Swift Stealing Ideas From Beyonce1
Image Source: Twitter

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Another pointed out that the outfits worn by both artists in a certain scene from these two videos are similar. In Party music video, Queen Bey can be seen donning a black bathing suit and a yellow fur coat while Taylor Swift is wearing a pink bikini and a fur coat in her video.

Taylor Swift Stealing Ideas From Beyonce2
Image Source: Twitter

Finally, one scene that Twitter users have been comparing is when Beyoncé is dressed in a green fur vest and paired it with a headband and pink lipstick while seated on a beach chair. Meanwhile, Taylor sits on a beach chair and dons a yellow one-piece with sunglasses and coral lipstick.

Taylor Swift Stealing Ideas From Beyonce3
Image Source: Twitter

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Taylor Swift

This is not the first time Taylor Swift has been criticized for “ripping off” Beyoncé. In May, Taylor was called out after she used a marching band with pastel-colored outfits, backup dancers and fireworks for the performance of her single ME! at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.


Beyhive took notice and claimed that it was similar to Beyoncé’s epic Coachella performance in 2018.


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