‘Searching For Kanye’ – Untold Story About The Greatest American Rapper Kayne West

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 22, 2018

The document provided an in-depth look to Kanye West and the year he re-positioned himself and became the most controversial celebrity in America.

Many celebrities had their documentary movie which reminds important stage of life throughout their insane years and so Kanye West. The famous American made his comeback to the limelight this time last year just recently introduced to the public his biopic film premiered on BBC Three channel. From the long tirades of his mental health to the relationship between him and Donald Trump which is highly publicized, the behaviour of Kanye West has received mix opinion and as a figure having the influence to pop culture in the modern era, Kanye West has had the most argued life.


Nevertheless, among the names could make this documentary, there is the name that most people do not believe in the ability to reflect the depth of the story, that name is the BBC. But they did.

'Searching for Kanye', the official name of the document, was first on screens on December 16 on the Youtube channel of BBC Three, the channel that mainly produces content related to young people. In the document, the viewers will follow the travel of Ben Zand to have intimate conversations with people who understand Kanye West from his friends in Chicago, his manager in Hollywood, to his cousin in Texas. The short document includes the interviews with Tony Williams and GLC among others.


The document provided an in-depth look to Kanye West and the year he re-positioned himself and became the most controversial celebrity. Across this time, Kanye West “released five of the year’s biggest albums, released his own chart-topping eighth album, Ye, and shared a love-in with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. He’s also been at the centre of intense scrutiny over his mental health – a subject he referenced in his recent Twitter tirade against fellow rapper Drake.”


Chicago rapper had an in-depth chat with GLC, a Kanye West's close friend, who is always by Kanye West's side throughout developing years. The document revealed that the background from a poor area of South Side of Chicago is not the only element which has an influence on his mindset and music, the other important part is his mother, Donda, who has had significant contribution in shaping the young and talented artist

“He was energetic, he was confident in his craft, he believed, he was focused, he was determined,” GLC tells the BBC. “And he did what was necessary for him to develop in that atmosphere.”

“What [Donda] did was magical,” GLC said.

Talking about Donda, Dr Brenda Aghahowa said: “I do see [her influence] on Kanye.” Dr Brenda Aghahowa is Donda’s friend and in charge the position of Donda at Chicago State University


“I think she’d be scratching her head a little bit! Donda, as I knew her politically, was more Democrat than Republican. I don’t think she’d have trumpeted Trump as the best president for black people ever,” says Brenda.

Also in ‘Searching For Kanye’, Kanye West’ life is revealed in the document. Finally, the document focused the spotlight into tackling one specific paradox. "Who is Kanye West’ is a complicated question, and from this documentary, he emerges as a complicated figure," Patrick Clarke wrote in the article, Inside the mind of Kanye West.


The entirety content ‘Searching For Kanye’ is free to access on BBC Three channel.


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