Sam Smith - The Grammy-winning Singer Reveals He Got Liposuction At The Age Of 12

Maanyata Thu |Mar 17, 2019

The Grammy and Oscar-winning musician singer Sam Smith revealed that he got liposuction at 12 after being "so self-conscious" about his weight.

Sam Smith revealed that he had liposuction when he was a kid during a recent interview with Jameela Jamil. The Too Good At Goodbye singer shared that he had struggled with his weight issue at the age of 12 and decided to undergo a fat removal procedure, which used one vacuum-like instrument known as a “cannula” to suck the fat out of the body.

Sam Smith
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He said,

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However, The Grammy and Oscar-winning musician singer admitted it did not change a lot because he had not figured out his relationship with the food.

Sam Smith also told Jameela Jamil on her I Weigh Interviews' Instagram series that he still struggles with his body image every day.

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Sam Smith
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The 26-year-old singer previously opened up about his weight issue during a conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker, as saying that he was still uncomfortable after losing 50 pounds for his career.

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And Sam’s issue with his body image is something that he is trying to work through.

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