BREAKING NEWS: Korean Idol Sulli Has Been Confirmed To Commit Suicide After A Long Time Of Depression

Ankita Chetana |Oct 14, 2019

Some hours ago, Korean news has faced a shocking announcement that hot idol Sulli was found dead and just now, police confirmed that nobody caused it except herself. Deeds inside!

F(x) former member Sulli has hit the headlines for a long time because of her private life after leaving the group. The images of a weird girl have been familiar with netizens but they never stop pouring out heavy words and criticisms on the young idol.

However, Sulli's demise has left everyone shocked when just yesterday, she was still filming a CF.

Sulli's demise

The Seongnam Fire Department around where she lived gave out a statement that: "It is confirmed that Sulli has been pronounced dead and she was already under cardiac arrest upon arrival." Adding to the report, they revealed that she hung herself from the second floor of her house.

Ahead to Sulli's demise, there were some recalling rumours that she intended to commit suicide in 2016 but didn't succeed. Her private life started to reach all the topics after publicizing her love with 14-year-older rapper Choiza.

sulli suicide in 2016
Some signals of depression Sulli gave on her social media

Right after the split with her boyfriend, the singer was set into Seoul National Hospital when she was blind drunk. A report from the hospital added that she had a 5-centimetre cut on her wrist. SM Entertainment, nonetheless, tried to suppress it by stating to the media that it was just an accident.

Yesterday, Sulli was still on the normal schedule and an exclusive source from SPOTV said that the idol scheduled to film a Stretchangels CF in Suwon. On the same day, she even shared an Instagram short clip showing the bags she got from the mini-bag brand.

Also yesterday, her manager still contacted with her as he said: "The last time I talked with Sulli was the night before around 6.30 PM (KST). I haven't heard from her since then so I came over to her found and found her dead."

sulli suicide

It has been quite a long time that Sulli had to undergo the devastating and rude comments on her lifestyle. A lot of netizens bashed her because of what she showed off, from what she wore to the way she acted. An interminable time shouted at her as a rocky road, leading to the depression that several artists have suffered before.

sulli Night of Hate Comments

Earlier this month, the idol appeared in the show Night of Hate Comments where she showcased happy and positive expression and attitude. No one knows behind a pretend-to-be-happy girl, she hid all the splenetic alongside herself. And today, the last time she turns out the news is her desperate death.


Sulli's demise is another evidence for celebrities' depression inside the seem-to-be-glorious showbiz, after SHINee former member Jonghyun. It once again awake netizens' acknowledgements about the effects of heavy words!


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