MJ5: A Small Dance Group Who Makes It To The World's Biggest Stages

Priyansh Ha |Jun 25, 2019

From a small group of boys who had nothing but a huge passion for dance, MJ5 has carved their niche in the music industry with amazing dance moves and stories. Here is their story to inspire any youngsters who are afraid of chasing their own dreams.

Sharing the love for the King of Pop Michael Jackon, 5 college students from Delhi decided to join the dancing class of Kartik and pursued their dream of starting a dance group together. After years of working hard, R Kartik, Rohit Singh, Himanshu Gola, Dennis Anthony, and Vishnu Kumar has become a band of 5 called MJ5 with Kartik is the founder and choreographer.

Mj5 Mumbai Live
Source: Mumbai Live

A Dream Comes True

Just like many other young artists, these boys have to cope up with the battle between the family expectations and their own dreams. Instead of compromising, the five decided to keep their dream alive and prove themselves with remarkable milestones.

From reality shows to live shows and collaborations, the band made their ways to become the champion of India’s Dancing Superstar in 2013. They headed to grab the ‘2018 Most Trending Performer’ Award in DadaSaheb Phalke International Film Festival. They eventually make their families proud in their own ways.

Mj5 Best Dance Company
Source: Best Dance Company

They Are In Service For The Society

The band who had only 260 likes on social media has reached 3 million after a few years. They even went on a world tour with approximately 18 shows a month. Their reputation has been spread all over Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. In addition to that, they had collaborated with big names in the industry especially Guru Randhawa. Recently, MJ5 has opened their first studio in Mumbai to share the love of dance to youngsters.

With their institute, the band is all set to give their stellar performance on the world’s biggest stages. They also plan to open free dancing classes for the needy and boost collaboration among the dancing community.

Mj5 Asian Age
Source: Asian Age

From a small group of boys who had nothing but a huge passion for dance, MJ5 has carved their niche in the music industry and inspired youngsters with both their dance moves and stories. Not anyone has the courage to chase their own dreams, but once you do, you deserve nothing less than the best.


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