Milind Date To Bare His Heart To The Public And Want To Create Music Along With The Audience

Samaira Linh |Dec 02, 2018

Listen to the honest thinking of Milind Date to see his enthusiasm with music. And we also look forward to his new music products in the near future.

The flutist and music composer, Milind Date has had an Emmy nomination for his work of art in the war-documentary with the title “Among The Believers” (2015). In the past, he learned flute thanks to the guidance of Ajit Soman. He is also an excellent student of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. He is well-known for excellent features in his music style. Moreover, he will have opportunities to have the performance of Milind Date Ensemble which is his fusion project band. They will perform at an annual music concert, the second edition of Under The Tree.

Milind Date
Milind Date


Can you tell us something about the Milind Date Ensemble and how Puneites look for from the performance today?

Milind Date Ensemble is one of my programs related to fusion music. My conception is to generate a different kind of music, but it still keeps the characteristics of the original version as much as possible. In my stage, I will have interaction between musicians and audiences. In my opinion, everyone has music inside them. Today, I will bring music to closer to audiences and make them become a part of my performance.

You are famous for your fusion differences. Are you creating any new product?

I have written music for Bandish collection of the designer Shalaka Pandit. Her designs are based on a variety of ragas and artistic works. At this time, they are quite dissimilar with what I have experienced. Moreover, I am also working for another fusion music by a new method to come towards music. The new creation is like the combination of instruments. It is a challenge for me to create a mixture of fusion or jazz fusion. They are not just the track sounded by the flute. Furthermore, we almost finish this album, and I really expect to release it soon.

 Can you share your opinion about the musical scene in Pune nowadays?

I really appreciate the scene of this art in Pune. As you can see, a lot of concerts are organized during a year. Especially, locals are really interested in all types of music like Indian classical as well as rock. But I hope that there will be more shows taking place in this city.

You have chances to be on stage all around the world. So, until today, what is your most interesting and memorable performance?

I have opportunities to perform at over 3,000 concerts across the world. In my point of view, all of them are amazing, and I will never forget them. However, one of my best memories is the concert in South Korea. At this time, I had chances to perform in front of ambassadors from more than 36 countries. I also have the impression with another one in a Buddhist monastery. It becomes a special and unique experience in my life. How does music change your private and professional life? It is undeniable that music is my life. I have to confess that I am a lucky man when I cooperate with the most excellent musicians. Therefore, I can learn from them a lot. And thanks to that, I can become such a better man.

Can you release some information about your next projects?

In recent time, I am writing fusion music for a film, and you may know about it. At the same time, I am also working hard for three other albums. I always believe that flute is one of the quintessential instruments. It owns sound of peace and makes listeners feel comfortable and really relaxed. We complete the records, and we will show all on a mixing stage. Therefore, in the near future, I can show all audiences the three albums.


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