Mandy Moore Accuses Ex-Husband Ryan Adams Of Damaging Her Music Career

Maanyata Thu |Feb 14, 2019

“His controlling behaviour essentially did block my abilities to make a new connection in this industry in the very pivotal and potentially lucrative time-my entire mid-to-late 20s”, Mandy Moore talked about her ex-husband in the interview.

Seven women, involving Phoebe Bridgers, Courtney Jaye, Mandy Moore, and many other associates have accused songwriter and musician Ryan Adams of having manipulative behaviour where Ryan “dangled career opportunities while simultaneously pursuing women artists for sex."


In a recent interview with NY Times, Mandy Moore opened up about her marriage with Ryan Adams. She shared that Ryan Adams took advantage of his position in this industry to manipulate her music career as well as deter it when the two were together. Mandy Moore met Ryan in 2007, then got married to him from 2009 to 2016. She claimed,

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According to Mandy Moore, Ryan offered to collaborate with her on the new album as well as stopped her from working with any other managers or producers.

Mandy Moore didn’t release the new album after marrying him.


Mandy said that Ryan’s “controlling behavior” damaged her music career.

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Through his lawyer, Ryan Adams denied Mandy Moore’s comments on their marriage and called it “totally inconsistent with his view of it”.  The songwriter-musician further said that he supported Mandy’s “well-deserved professional success.”

Ryan Adams also took to his twitter to post a lengthy apology, as saying that he was not a perfect man and even made mistakes, so he hoped everyone compassion, healing and understand. Read the whole apology below.


Mandy Moore and other six women have recently had a connection over their past experiences with Ryan Adams, and they have leaned on each other for support. These women spoke out with the hope of protecting other people and moving on.


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