Jonas Brothers Reunion: Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 05, 2019

The Jonas Brothers are ready for a big reunion with a new single, a new music video, a new tour and more. Here's everything that you should not miss.

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The Jonas Brothers (David Becker/WireImage)

Fans are burning up because of the comeback of the Jonas Brothers. It is really a dream come true? Will they be back with a new single or even a new tour? Who will be with them in this big reunion? Here's everything you should know about the JoBros reunion.

A Special Guest Will Join Their Tour?

Until now, there has been nothing confirmed about the Jonas Brothers' new tour. However, they already have a plan to invite several special guests. In an interview to PopBuzz Meets, the JoBros revealed that Demi Lovato might join them in this tour. Joe Jonas even said that they had thought of many special guests to be with them on the stage, so fans can expect that the tour would be super cool!

A New Single Will Be Released Soon?

Fans do not have to wait anymore because a new single from the Jonas Brothers is finally out! The song is called Sucker, and it's a total bop!


(Republic Records)

And Also A New Music Video?

Along with a new single, the Jonas Brothers also released a new music video for Sucker. You should check it out because even their gorgeous ladies also feature in the video. Love is in the air!

A New Tour Coming Soon?

A comeback clearly means a new tour, though the dates have not been confirmed yet. However, the Jonas Brothers have already scheduled a reunion show in New York and fans can expect more dates to be released soon!

Fans Are Burning Up Because Of The News?

Fans have been waiting for such a long time until they can see the JoBros back again with new music. The moment the news broke out, it was totally an S.O.S and they even got ready to buy tickets for an unconfirmed tour!

An Album With Many New Songs?

Joe Jonas confirmed that they had recorded more than 30 songs just for this comeback album. Being the guests in Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, the boys revealed that for a new few months, fans might get chances to hear new songs. Moreover, their latest album seemed to have it all in one: a mix of Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and even DNCE (the pop band consists of Joe Jonas).

But Is This Reunion For Real?

At first, fans were worried because the JoBros deleted all the old photos on their Instagram account. However, it turned out that the boys just want to have a whole new start. They even posted an announcement of their new single Sucker. Fans can feel relieved now because yes, this is an official reunion!

The Reunion Was Supposed To Happen Last Year?

In January 2018, the Jonas Brothers suddenly reactivated their Instagram. People started to wonder if they were planning for a comeback at that moment. Rumors started to spread wide when Joe Jonas uploaded a photo of the boys being together. However, Nick Jonas denied the news while attending the Grammys, saying: "Right now there's no reunion planned. But, I could never say never."

Will They Still Keep Their Name As "Jonas Brothers"?

According to several sources, the boys might change their name to JONAS. It seemed like the idea was from their Disney Channel show in 2009. Nevertheless, they finally go with their original name Jonas Brothers and that makes their beloved fans happy.

When Will They Officially Announce Their Long-Awaited Reunion?

Even though the reunion is official and the fans cannot wait any longer, the Jonas Brothers did not spill the beans about their comeback. However, they also did not deny any news either. It seems like the boys are just waiting for the right moment to make a special announcement.


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