The Jonas Brothers Are Back In 24 Hours With "Sucker" Starring Their Gorgeous Ladies!

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 01, 2019

The Jonas Brothers are ready to make a big comeback with music video "Sucker" at midnight and people are just simply burning up!


Last year, the Jonas Brothers' Instagram account was no more on hiatus and people started to wonder if they were preparing for a reunion. Though the JoBro denied those rumours, people still believe that there must be something at that moment. It turns out that the famous trio is back with us, even set up for a new music video released today.

Here are some details about their much-anticipated reunion this year. The news of their comeback was first confirmed by UsWeekly last week. They were reported to use the new name "JONAS" to promote, but it seems like they eventually decide to go with the original name. The boyband shared an announcement about their comeback on Instagram, and luckily they still keep the name "Jonas Brothers".

Moreover, the Jonas Brothers also confirmed that a new music video called Sucker will be released at midnight. Fans start to be extremely excited, and the fact that Nick Jonas looks fantastic in that pink chinos could not help either.

This comeback is getting even better with hot news that the Jonas Brothers' ladies are here with them. Based on a source, Priyanka Chopra (Nick Jonas' wife), Sophie Turner (Joe Jonas' fiancée) and Danielle Jonas (Kevin Jonas' wife) will make appearances in the music video Sucker. Fans should be well-prepared as the JoBro, and their gorgeous ladies are going to make a blast on March 1!


Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas (Getty Images)

Also, according to other Insta posts, the Jonas Brothers will be on Carpool Karaoke with host James Corden. It is just a part of an all-about-JoBro week on The Late Late Show.

So yes, the Jonas Brothers are officially back with us. This is undoubtedly an S.O.S and one does not have to make a second guess!


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