An Unforgettable Night In Mumbai With Bryan Adams's Concert

Author |Oct 23, 2018

This is the fifth time he has performed in Mumbai. His performance was wonderfully evocative of his first time performing here.

On October 12, Bryan Adams held a concert in Mumbai. It is the longest live show of a Western artist in this country in recent times, which lasted for more than 2 hours.

This is the fifth time he has performed in Mumbai. He devotedly sang and performed many hit songs, which created an invisible connection between him and the audience. He also introduced members of the band and shared unforgettable memories. His performance was wonderfully evocative of his first time performing here.

His memories about the first show in Mumbai

Bryan Adams said that when he decided to have a performance in Mumbai, some of his musician friends asked him whether he was sure to go there. He said “Yeah!” without any hesitation and told them to go with him to find out. For the first time performing in Mumbai, his music show was celebrated in a cricket ground. There was a fence in the middle of the ground to divide it into 2 halves. He and his band’s members played in one half. The other half was for the cricket club. All of the emotions at that night came back when he could be on this stage and had a harmonious live show night.

The Canadian singer opened his show by Run To You. Then, he warmed up the atmosphere with Heaven and Baby When You’re Gone. The fan chant “Bryan Bryan” after each song really stimulated his band. Time seemed to stop for them to go back to their youth like Bryan’s songs.

bryan adams india concert
He held a concert in Mumbai

bryan adams concert mumbai

The audience chilled out the night with him

Everyone who came to the concert was connected with the singer. In the evening with hot weather of October, children or their parents were still willing to sing along with the 58-year-old singer. After his 2-hour live show, he wrapped up his performance with Straight From The Heart. This song was for his passed away father and his mother, whose life now has to depend on the wheelchair for the rest of her life. He also told the audience about his story when was young. He had the desire to own a piano but his parents didn’t have enough money. 1000 dollars was not enough for a piano at that time. However, they managed to buy him one. He also shared about his first time playing the piano and how he drove his family crazy with his awful performance.

He was so sad when revealing those things. Finally, he was requested to sing Please Forgive Me but he refused. He ended up his stage in the audience’s regret. However, in the last minutes before ending the performance, the plectrum of the guitar was thrown to his fans. Who could catch this showed their happiness on their face.

Today, Bryan Adams has a performance in Bangalore. So don’t miss the chance!


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