10 Best Songs Of Jonas Brothers And Why We Need This Reunion

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 09, 2019

The Jonas Brothers always have a good taste in music as their songs are indeed inspiring and catchy. Let's check out our Top 10 of their best songs!


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It has been six years since the last time we had new music release of Jonas Brothers in our iPods. However, they are finally back together and this reunion is even better than what we expected. This comeback has it all: It is a mix of Nick Jonas' solo songs, Kevin Jonas' talent and Joe Jonas' DNCE vibes. All of a sudden, we get that nostalgic feeling from 2008 and it is just like a dream come true.
In celebration of the JoBros long-awaited reunion, let's have a throwback with their best songs through the years. Here's our Top 10!

10. "Much Better"

If you know about Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift's relationship in the past, then you surely get this song. Its lyrics were aimed to slam down certain exes, presumably about Taylor Swift and "tears on her guitar". This might be the original thank u, next from Ariana Grande and actually "much better" with a lot of feelings included.

9. "Year 3000"

This is an original song from Busted, but the Jonas Brothers' version is more familiar to this generation. The song is upbeat and catchy in a very JoBros way. It also developed awareness about sea levels among people.

8. "Take a Breath"

If you are feeling down and has that invisible burden on your shoulder, then try listening to this emotional song. Take A Breath lyrics is encouraging and heart-warming, also including a message about the importance of mental health. It is a song that can heal your soul.

7. "Goodnight and Goodbye"

Another great song to throw shade at your ex! However, Goodnight and Goodbye is such an underrated song. You should not miss this one because honestly, who will not fall for Nick Jonas' beautiful falsetto in this song?

6. "Hold On"

Your heart has to be ready with this music video because it gave us many close-ups scene of the handsome boys. The Jonas Brothers also taught you a good lesson about patience. This song is simply inspiring with its heartfelt lyrics, so just hold on and check it out.

5. "Tonight"

A must-have in this top 10! Anyone who knows the Jonas Brothers will have no difficulty singing along to Joe Jonas' famous "No we're not gonna work this out tonight." This music video will also bring you good memories of them for all those years.

4. "Burnin’ Up"

If there is a song that can top Tonight in their 2008 album, then it must be Burnin' Up. Just like the title, after the song was released, people from all over the world were burning up for Nick's iconic phrase "red dress". The boys even made it to No.5 on the Hot 100 Chart with this bop.

3. "Paranoid"

Paranoid is one of their biggest hits, and anyone who already listened to this song will immediately understand why. Besides a catchy beat and a chaotic music video, this was also rumored to have a hidden message from Joe Jonas to his ex Taylor Swift. Joe never says a word about this rumor, but you can figure it out yourself!

2. "That’s Just the Way We Roll"

One cannot help but getting excited right at the beginning of the song due to its upbeat guitar sound. Just remember one thing, there is no use trying to understand its lyrics. The boys were being "a little crazy" with this song but that's just the way they roll. A great song to be at your party playlist!

1. "S.O.S."

True fans will start to wonder if they do not see this song in every Jonas Brothers' best songs list. S.O.S. helped them get into top 20 in Billboard Hot 100 for the very first time in their career. So yes, one does not have to "make a second guess" about the reason why this song is No.1 in our list!

The Jonas Brothers have always brought us good music for all these years. We wish them all the best for their big reunion in 2019!


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