What Is The Secret Behind "India’s Most Wanted" Movie? Let’s Find Out The Real Story

Laavanya Hien |May 29, 2019

The movie "India’s Most Wanted", which is under the direction of Raj Kumar Gupta, has recently attracted plenty of attention from viewers.

A lot of Indian directors have utilized the nationalism subject as the main plot for their film products. Especially, they have their own acumen when deeply understanding that national heroes and army achievements have been the two most interesting criteria to put in their films. In fact, movies with these two things did exceedingly well in the box office because they stir up the audience’s country pride.

And now, Bollywood directors have switched into another no less promising story which focuses on the covert operation established to arrest most-wanted terrorist of India. And, the movie India’s Most Wanted, which is under the direction of Raj Kumar Gupta, has recently attracted plenty of attention from viewers.

India's Most Wanted
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India’s Most Wanted Movie: Main Plot

The film saw the participation of actor Arjun Kapoor in the pivotal role. In general, it portrays a story about tracking India’s most dangerous terrorist during a clandestine mission. And Intelligence agencies of India led this cover operation in arresting the suspects in the terror without having to fire any bullet. In India’s Most Wanted, Arjun Kapoor acted as the character named Prabhat Kapoor, the leader of a secret operation.

What is the secret behind India’s Most Wanted?

Most of us are curious about the real story behind this movie. There is no mention to any exact name, but it’s believed to be about Yasin Bhatkal who is the most-wanted terrorist of India. Currently, Yasin is serving a prison sentence in Tihar jail located in New Delhi. Moreover, Yasin Bhatkal is considered the Osama Bin Laden of India and he is laid a charge against performing up to 52 bomb blasts throughout the country.

India's Most Wanted
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Need-to-know facts about Yasin Bhatkal

Yasin Bhatkal, also known as Ahmed Siddibappa Zarrar probably became one of the country’s most notorious terrorists when being the Indian Mujahideen’s co-founder. This terrorist organization conducted a number of bomb blasts throughout India. Among these brutal bomb blasts, the country’s history had to look back on the Mumbai train bombings in 2006, Delhi bombings in 2008, and Varanasi blasts in 2010. Especially, Yasin Bhatkal is the major suspect in these three bombings. Moreover, he was also blamed for conducting and conspiring three inhumane bombings in Dadar West, Saveri Bazaar, and Opera House in 2012 in Mumbai in which 130 people were severely injured and 27 people died.

Additionally, Bhatkal also became the main suspect in German Bakery bombings that took place in February of 2010 in Pune. This blast resulted in 64 people wounded and 17 dead.

India's Most Wanted
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Listed as the country’s 12 most-wanted terrorist suspects, it was a roaring success for the intelligence agencies of India to arrest Yasin Bhatkal.

As regards the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal, The Hindu’s 2013 report revealed:


What’s more, his identification marks and photographs finally helped the police to confirm his identity though he denied it at first. That’s why he had no reason to deny anymore.

India's Most Wanted
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One of the most noticeable point involving the arrestment of Yasin Bhatkal is that alerts had been sent out by Sashastra Seema Bal’s intelligence wing about where he is after a covert operation was released along the borders of two countries India and Nepal. After being detained at Raxaul’s Nahar Chowk by Bihar police, Bhatkal was finally hunted down by the National Investigation Agency. This dangerous terrorist intended to conduct bombings in India throughout the forthcoming Diwali and Dusshera festivals.

Stay tuned to update the latest news about India’s Most Wanted and let’s see whether it can be as interesting as the real story of arresting the most-wanted terrorist suspect of India.


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