"The Platform" Movie Download - A Gory Reflection Of Society's Dark Sides

Salena Harshini |Apr 19, 2020

The Spanish hit promises tense moments that underly the ongoing issues of the modern world. Binge it right now with "The Platform" movie download!

Though the movie was released at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2019, it was only when The Platform was streamed on Netflix that it went famous for the extreme relevance to the current social context. The Platform movie download has subsequently become undeniably eligible.

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The Platform movie download is now up for grabs!

The Platform focuses the journey of Goreng (Iván Massagué) to join the Pit - a strange stratified structure also known "Vertical Self-Management Center" created by the Executive Board. There, he met different people living in different high and low floors, and each month everyone will be assigned to the new floor.

It was thought to be just a test to get a certificate, but according to inmate Trimigasi (Zorion Eguileor), this vertical platform is a much more terrifying nightmare comparing to what it looks.

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“There are 3 kinds of people; the ones above, the ones below, and the ones who fall.”

Every day, a table full of food is lowered from the 1st floor to the next floors,  stopping for a fixed time on each floor. Those on lower levels can eat just what those at the top leave them, and they can't store anything (the cell is cooled or heated to lethal levels if they keep foods).

Theoretically, the food will be enough for everyone if each person takes just enough for their share. But it seems to never happen. Those who stay below become starved and angry to the extent that they start fighting, killing and even cannibalism to survive.

This is our quick review for the movie:

Society discrimination is the clearest and most visible message during the evolution of the film. The floors of the prison are the way our society is divided with different classes from top to bottom, and food is a symbol of things that exist from matter to spirit.

When they are full, which is when they are upstairs, they only know themselves, ignoring the screams of those below. But after each month when the number of floors changed randomly, they were taken downstairs, they could only cry out in resentment when they are short of food. If people knew to think for others more, everything would have become extremely simple and much more comfortable.

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The Platform movie download stands proof that Spanish cinema is extending worldwide

Besides the discrimination shown by stratification, The Platform also focuses on the issue of fake news and the manipulation of the human mind.

The fall of the miniature society in The Platform can be directly related to the modern context when many people rush to buy food, toilet paper, and other necessities amid the pandemic fear. This has created a scarcity of markets, pushing prices up resulting in vulnerable people like the elderly or the poor having no opportunity to access essential items, while others are abundant.

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A table full of food that says a lot about the modern context and moral issue

What makes The Platform impressive despite its trivial end is the quite unique context and the use of horror genre to tell stories. There are stark, sharp opposites in the middle of the kitchen that prepares the banquet table, located on the 0th floor, filled with delicious food on the hands of chefs fluttering back and forth. The chef scolded the staff for the hair in the dish, while just down to the first floor, all would be called only with the one name: food.

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The film includes many contradictions

Goreng himself witnessed and was also a victim of human survival instinct. Many details of beating and gruesome cannibalism parts will make the audience feel uncomfortable, but with fans of the gore genre, The Platform is a surprise party.

Moreover, not only stopping at the plot, but the film’s twist is also cleverly installed by the director in the way of introducing the character. Their unexpected appearance with many mysteries will give the audience a strong belief that nothing is impossible in the world of The Platform.

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