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Leela Adwani |May 19, 2020

If you are in search of a reliable address to watch the films, here is the list of legal Tamil movies download websites.

We are in the new “normal” as everyone is forced to stay indoors in an attempt to flatten the curves of the Coronavirus pandemic. If you want to pass the time, get rid of your quarantine boredom, then take a look at our compilation of free Tamil movies download websites list.

Due to the tight working schedule, limited finance situation, or simply practicing social distancing, a lot of people cannot go to the cinema to watch the latest releases. Many choose to watch films on torrent or illegal sites to get a full movie download Tamil. Even though downloading films from pirated websites is currently on the rage, we still don’t recommend you use them as there is more than one way to watch your favorite movies instead of hunting them in the illegal sites.

Top Tamil Movies Download Websites

Because getting Tamil movies download from pirated sites might land you some troubles, in this article, Starbiz.com will discuss some legal download platforms only. If you are in search of a reliable address to watch the films legally, it’s time to explore now. The lowdown below will give you the name of the websites along with how to download Tamil movies in 2020 without spending a single penny.

1. Youtube & Downloader for free Tamil movies download

Yes, first and foremost is none other than the giant video-sharing platform Youtube. This website is, no need for introduction, by far the biggest sources for movie lovers. Not only the minutes-long videos, but Youtube is also packed with a plethora of films in any genre. Yes, there are numerous Tamil films available. However, how to turn Youtube into a free Tamil movies download website still remains a big problem for many. Many users are still struggling to get their favorite films into their laptops, but don’t worry we’ll show you how.

Youtube is a big source of videos

In fact, you can take advantage of some downloaders online to get Youtube videos saved in your computer for later use. Some Youtube download software can be named as:

  • Gihosoft TubeGet
  • Freemake Video Downloader
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • Kastor All Video Downloader
  • Airy
  • Clip Converter

These downloader websites can offer you a smooth downloading experience from Youtube. Just copy the link of Tamil movies on Youtube you want to download and paste it on that software. The rest is taken care of by the program itself.

2. Netflix - 30 days free of Tamil movies download

The list of Tamil movies download cannot complete without mentioning Netflix. Netflix is no stranger to any couch potato or film freak. The American streaming service is like the rising star in the community and its day by day swaying the audiences’ habit from watching films on free or illegal websites to paid service. Thanks to the top-notch quality, a huge range of film genres, Netflix turns out to be a new companion of many people.

Netflix invested huge-budget films

The company is now producing more movies for its Indian audience. Even though you have to charge a monthly amount of money to watch and download films on Netflix, you still use it as a free Tamil movies download website for a month and all you need to do is just to have a MasterCard or VISA.

3. Hotstar - Quality Tamil movies download site

Doesn’t pale in comparison with any international streaming service, Hotstar is India’s biggest and over-the-top streaming platform. It offers more than 100000 hours of movies in 17 different languages, covers not just films, television series but also sports shows. Of course, the platform brings a wide range of full movie download Tamil versions. However, there are also some films that are locked if you don’t buy their subscription. Due to this reason, many people have said goodbye to this channel and turn to less quality Tamil movie download websites totally free.

There are a lot of interesting Tamil films on Hotstar

However, believe us, you get what you pay for. Investing a few bucks can bring you priceless fun with your near and dear ones.

4. Amazon Prime Video - Affordable Tamil movies download website

Another OTT platform that is taking the Internet by storm is none other than Amazon Prime Video. The platform’s popularity has been soaring in India since it released its original web series Mirzapur which later turned out to be a big hit among the Indian viewers.

Amazon shifts its focus on the Indian market

One thing makes Amazon Prime Video have a competitive edge over the rivals is that it offers an incredibly reasonable price for the users. Not just this, the company is giving the extra miles to gain more market shares when also operating the video-only membership. People who are living in those countries don’t need to purchase the paid subscription.

This is currently one of the biggest legal Tamil movies download website in India.

5. Zee5 - Tamil movies downloadable with tools

If the OTT giants are shifting their focus into the Indian market, the domestic is taking no turn unturned to get more audience. And Zee5 is a case in point. If you are seeking websites or mobile apps to get full movie download Tamil, then Zee 5 is all you looking for.

Zee5 is no stranger to the Tamil film lovers

Owned by Essel Group, the platform is run by the subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. Even though Zee5 is still a new kid on the block, it soon grabbed eyeballs thanks to its gripping, updated, and appealing contents.

For those who are unversed, it’s one of the Tamil movies download websites which is made available almost in every country except for the US. However, as you have to buy premium package to watch and download most films on Zee5, you should use a Downloader software as listed for Youtube to get the video free.

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6. ALTBalaji - Emerging Tamil movies download website

Not popular like the above-mentioned platforms, ALTBalaji is also one of the good options for Tamil-language film lovers. Officially launched on April 16, 2017, over more than 2 years now, ALTBalaji has proved itself as a force to be reckoned with and become a household name among the Indian fans.

Altbalaji offers a lot of benefits for its users

What stands out is that ALTBalaji is one of a few streaming services offering sensual and erotic contents like XXX uncensored, Twisted, Gandii Baat, and many more. It’s now available in 32 interfaces for its viewers. This makes it a favored Tamil movies download site for male fans.

7. BIGFlix - Diverse Tamil movies downloader

BIGFlix is yet another OTT platform that is loved by many users. Owned by Reliance Entertainment, it might come as surprise but BIGFlix has been run for 12 years since 2008. It’s also the pioneer in the movement of watching and downloading film on streaming service.

The pioneer in streaming service movement in India

The company also considers itself the personal blockbuster theatre of the audience. You might be stunned by how massive the Tamil movies download website is as it offers a wide array of Tamil films, web series, and trailers from all genres.

With the compilation of Tamil movies download websites we discussed above, hope you will find your new go-to “friend” during the lockdown.

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