"66 Sadashiv" Review: Even The Star-cast Studded Their Impeccable Performances Can't Save A Slack Story

Vaishnavi Gavankar |May 13, 2019

A Pune city-based traditional family drama film comes with lots of hopes with the strong star cast of the Marathi film industry. The film meets the expectations of the audience or not, let's Check out.

66 Sadashiv

Director: Yogesh Deshpande
Cast: Mohan Joshi, Vandana Gupte, Apurva Modak, Mahesh Manjarekar, Pravin Tarde, Vishakha Subhedar, Asawari Joshi,...

Pune is one of the most famous cities in Maharashtra India. The town changed a lot over the years, like any other India city. The contemporary and traditional scenario of the city Pune has been explored in the recent Marathi language films like Mumbai Pune Mumbai series, Faster Fene and upcoming movie Amaltash.

Along with the growing city urbanization and modernization in their personality, some parts of Pune continue to hold on their old traditions and values. It is not a bad thing, as it helps to preserve the old culture and identity of the city in the midst of changing skyline and ethics. It is one such part of the film 66 Sadashiv.

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"66 Sadashiv" film poster.

The film starts with a song in which the characteristics and qualities of a Punekar are propounded. The world famous Puneri Patya (signboards), the love for an afternoon nap and the well known “Puneri Sarcasm”. Prabhakar Shrikhande (a character played by Mohan Joshi) is a resident of Sadashiv Peth in Pune. He is a professional photographer and also runs a photo studio. He stays with his wife Meena (Vandana Gupte) and daughter Kadambari (Apurva Modak). The characteristics of Punekar are deeply ingrained in him and he is ready to argue with the people. In between all this, Abir Deshpande (Yogesh Deshpande) came into the life of Kadambari and their life takes a different turn.

The star cast of the film "66 Sadashiv".

The film story is similar to the V.P.Kale’s work Bhandnare Joshi and some of P.L.Deshpande’s work Asaa me Tasa Me. The director of the film Yogesh Deshpande has taken inspiration from these legends and manages to build a nice smooth base for 66 Sadashiv. All the characters in the movie have done their job phenomenally.

For the character of Prabhakar Shrikhande, Mohan Joshi is the perfect choice of the director. Vandana Gupte is brilliant as always. Apurva and Yogesh both are looking good on their onscreen appearances. Supporting star cast like Mahesh Manjrekar, Pravin Tarde, Asawari Joshi, Vijay Nikam, Vishakha Subhedar and others added strength and power in the film.

Actor Mohan Joshi is still from the film "66 Sadashiv".

The execution of the film could have better. Even if involving the great lead actors and supporting characters in the movie, the improper screenplay and dialogues hampered everything. Debutant director Yogesh Deshpande’s inexperience shows in the direction of the film. The sound department, production and art direction teams tried their level best. But at the end of the day, 66 Sadashiv reminds you of those beautiful old memories of Doordarshan television Serials.

Starbiz rating: 2.5/ 5

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