Rekha Best Films: 5 Non-glamorous Roles Where Rekha Aced As An Actress

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 28, 2019

Rekha is a well-known actor with delicate beauty and in every role, she shined when showing off not just consummate acting skills but also excellent emotive skills. Let's take a look at the list of movies having the outstanding performance of Rekha.

Ghar (1978)


Ghar was a product of Manik Chatterjee director and the movie revolved around rape problems and its consequence in both physical and mental issues. The roles of Rekha in the movie was a lady of the house who was suffering after being raped when she was on the way back home from a late movie show. It is not just about the wound in physical, there was also the severe stress that she had to struggle as well as the issues in the conjugal relation. The horrible happening made her unable to commit any relationship with other men and the effort of the couple to have a normal life again was a heart touching story. Not only dialogues but her eyes and her silence could also appeal to any audience.

Baseraa (1981)


'Complicated role' is the least extent to describe the role of Rekha in the movie Baserra which was directed by Ramesh Talwar. The plot of Baseraa was about the complex relationship among Rekha's character, her brother-in-law and her older sister. Her sister has accidentally forgotten everything after a shock and had to live in a Mental Hospital, and in that time, Rekha reluctantly tied the knot with her sister's husband. The tragic of the family was raised, and everything became complicated when her sister took back her memories after being hit on the head and unconscious in a couple of days.

Kalyug (1981)


Kalyug is the narrative of Shyam Benegalabout about Mahabharata; Rekha featured Draupadi. All shades of a housewife who conscious of the aspect existing in her joint household, sexual politics, was excellently showcased by the actress. Moreover, she also understood and exploited it as an advantage. In spite of a vast number of stunning performances from talented actors, such as Raj Babbar, Nag, Victor Banerjee, Victor Banerjee, and Shashi Kapoor, Rekha made a remarkable mark in the movie.

Jeevan Dhara (1982)


Jeevan Dhara is the production of T Rama Rao and the movie is the story about a middle-classed girl, played by Rekha, who had done so well in managing her household as she was the only one being employed in the family while her useless and alcoholic brother had no job, preferred gambling, and cannot live independently, even after he got married. Furthermore, in order to maintain the happiness of family, she had had to give up her love, even cede her love one to her widowed sister. When there was no clue that the melodrama would stop, it is obvious that the energetic performance of Rekha is the key to keep the audience stay tune.

Ijaazat (1987)


In the long list of mature movies made under the hand of Gulzar, Ijaazat could be the most mature one. The film is the story revolved around the Rekha's character who was unable to put her faith in her husband as she misapprehended the relationship between her husband and his ex. The issue reached to the breakpoint, and she unilaterally terminated the relationship which resulted in the downward of her husband's health. About the performance of Rekha, most audiences could saw the flexible of Rekha when she adjusted her body language from the behaviour of a young wife to a mid-class woman. If anyone looking for an example of excellent acting, the scene that she suffered the closure in emotion was what they are looking for.

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