Psycho 2020 Movie Download – Inspired By Aṅgulimāla Story From Buddhist Tales

Hanima Anand |Apr 29, 2020

Like any other psychological thriller, Psycho is long-awaited but not all fans can afford watching it in cinema in January. Don’t worry, Psycho 2020 movie download was already leaked out on digital platforms.

Psycho is the latest Tamil psychological thriller movie directed by Mysskin, released on 24 January, 2020. However, Psycho 2020 movie download wasn’t leaked out till last week when it’s released on digital channels.

Scroll down below to find Psycho movie download link and read facts around this Tamil thriller!

Psycho Tamil Movie Download
Psycho, the 2020 Tamil thriller movie, has gained over 25 crores of grossing.

The very first attraction that brings the audience to Psycho full movie download is its ensemble cast of the film industry, namely Udhayanidhi Stalin and Aditi Rao.  Nithya Menen and Rajkumar Pitchumani also joined the project in supporting roles.

Arun Mozhi Manickam started producing this thriller in September 2018 and just one month after that, the first poster was released with the title Psycho on it. Now, before getting to Psycho 2020 movie download link, let’s go through the synopsis to have an overview.

You can also check Psycho movie review to see how it’s evaluated by critics and audience.

Psycho 2020 Movie Download
Aditi Rao plays the role of Dahini, the radio jockey in Psycho.

If you're afraid of spoilers, you can check Psycho Tamil movie download at the end of the post and skip this part. Otherwise, read a bit about its story before proceeding to Psycho movie download link.

The thriller movie portrays a psycho who has killed 13 girls and continues kidnapping others. His next victim is Dahini, a radio jockey (Aditi Rao) who comes to a train station to see her blind musician named Gautham (Udhayanidhi Stalin). Though Gautham knows Dahini is kidnapped by a serial killer, he can’t save her at that time due to his blindness.

Gautham reports the case to police but doesn’t believe it will gain results. He decides to seek help from two friends, Kamala and Rajanayakam. About Dahini, after being kidnapped by the psycho, she shows no fear and insists that Gautham will find her within one week then punish the psycho.

Psycho Movie Download
Don't miss it if you're a fan of Aditi Rao!

Taking it as a game, the psycho chains her to the wall and leaves.

Would Gautham be able to save Dahini’s life after all? Will the psycho be punished? Or who will be his next victim?

Click here for Psycho full movie download to find your answers!

As always, we highly recommend you watch the movie on paid platforms like Netflix, if affordable, to contribute to the movie revenue and avoid legal troubles. Only resort to Psycho 2020 movie download links for free if this is the best choice for you to enjoy this cinema work.

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