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Salena Harshini |Jun 01, 2020

This year seems to be one great collection for legal movies. The latest Tamil courtroom drama is now available for free download. Check out!

Ponmagal Vandhal (The Golden Girl has arrived) is a Tamil legal movie written and helmed by director J. J. Fredrick. The thriller drama stars actress Jyothika as the main role alongside other stellar actors like R. Parthiban, Thiagarajan, K. Bhagyaraj, Pratap Pothen, and Pandiarajan. The OTT release was digitally premiered on May 29, 2020, with positive reviews in general. Ponmagal Vandhal movie download is also creating frenzy these days.

Ponmagal Vandhal movie download
Ponmagal Vandhal movie download in HD is available right below

This film is the first South Indian movie to be introduced to the audience on a digital base in the midst of the current COVID-19 quarantine. The filmmakers also got tangled in an argument with the distributors who browbeat to blacklist Jyothika and Suriya because they decided to go with an OTT release rather than waiting for the cinemas to re-open.

Ponmagal Vandhal movie download plot focuses on courtroom drama and Jyothika plays an advocate who stands for equality and justice. Following Ponmagal Vandhal were many other South Indian movies whose worldwide premiere is going to be distributed on a digital platform instead of the silver screens as there is no confirmation about when the cinemas will re-open even if the government lifts the lockdown.

An Ooty resident named “Petition” Pethuraj reopens a 15-year-old case which regards a serial murderer called “Psycho Jyoti”, convicted for kidnapping and killing children. Venba (Jyothika) is a newcomer lawyer and she aspires to revive this case in spite of oppositions.

Ponmagal Vandhal full movie download
The cast of Ponmagal Vandhal

Meanwhile, she has to cope with another criminal lawyer assigned by a politician. The reason why she chooses to have this case reopened, the ahead cruel incidents, and the truth behind all these are what will form the crux of the tale. Eventually, the crucial beans which are spilled will have the audience’s jaws dropped.

By picking up a heart-wrenching theme, filmmaker JJ Fredrick has done an adequate job in persuading the audience with his writing and direction. He manages to display the dark side of sexual abuse on children without seeking to titillate or shock.

There is an installment where a mother is sitting next to her daughter and patting her to sleep. The child, who was abused, then wakes up in a sudden, shivered by a nightmare and screaming in fear. This is one of the scenes that show part of the delicately written and portrayed plot which would leave a strong mark on the audience even after the movie is over.

Playing the role od Venba, Jyotika manages to express the character’s stoicism with her body language as well as the melancholy through her eyes.

As it were, Ponmagal Vandhal fits impeccably into Jyotika's interest: Every film is an achievement in her determined excursion of ladies' strengthening. This achievement is one of sympathy. Ponmagal Vandhal is simply the tale of Venba who put in the shoes of another lady. Be that as it may, it is additionally a clarion that requires we all to accept ladies' accounts.

Bagyaraj fits consummately in his job as a partner. The cumbersome manners by which he attempts to make individuals chuckle make him part-aggravating, part-charming. Be that as it may, there is no uncertainty he is absolutely moving as the dad swinging between trust, dread, stress, and hopelessness for his little girl.

It's anything but a fortuitous event that most lead characters bring a smidgen of their past — as an on-screen character and individual — into Ponmagal Vandhal.

Ponmagal Vandhal movie download 2
While reviews are coming in for the new legal film, many have deemed that the movie is a must-watch for those who love courtroom drama

Parthiban, as the contradicting advocate, brings about his trademark scorn, yet the restriction composed into the character makes their contention soggy. Prathap Pothen croons En Iniya Pon Nilaave — the entertainer's most famous Tamil melody — to himself, in a fairly inorganic scene that attempts to build up his character.

Even before the release of Ponmagal Vandhal, the full movie was leaked on several piracy websites including Tamilrockers, Movierulz and others. If you want to watch the freshly released movie, you have come to the right place as we have found the most guaranteed source right here:

Ponmagal Vandhal Full Movie Download In Tamil For Free

Ponmagal Vandhal full movie download 2
Jyothika delivered a lauding performance in the Ponmagal Vandhal movie download

After the film’s release, there have been many reviews on Ponmagal Vandhal movie download. Among those, The Times of India’s reviewer rated the film 3/5 stars and commented,

"For, both in its writing and making, there is a strong made-for-TV feel about this project [...] As far as courtroom dramas go, Ponmagal Vandhal is decidedly lackluster. Instead of fiery dialogues and charged arguments between the opposing lawyers what we get are emotional statements being passed off as explosive proof."

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