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Salena Harshini |Sep 07, 2020

"Mulan" has officially hit the screens and it's time to watch this long-awaited live-action remake. Enjoy the movie in the best quality and for free here!

Despite being a monument of the film industry in the last decades, Disney has been not very lucky recently with live-action projects. Live-action versions of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King are all considered blockbusters, but their quality is not appreciated in terms of art and content. However, it looks like the movie Mulan did not fall into that trail, and Mulan full movie download is here to serve your questions.

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The reviews on the movies graced the Internet and they showed positive reactions from the audience. One of the famous journals, Collider, is pleased that director Niki Caro has closely followed the rhythm of the original film but at the same time brings his own color to the journey of Mulan.

Watch Mulan full movie download and you will see that the film subtly removed the cartoon-ic details yet still managed to preserve the power of the story. Although many people would feel that it’s a waste removing its original fun and loved songs. However, everything happens for a reason.

Mulan movie review

Surely everyone is familiar with the story of Hua Mulan (played by Liu Yifei) - a young girl disguised as a man to replace her father, join the army and bring honor to the family. After being discovered as a female, she and her leader had to fight to protect the safety of the country.

mulan-full-movie-download 1
The new film has received quite positive reviews from critics and viewers

A favorite character of fans in the 1998 version, Mushu, will not appear in Mulan 2020. On another hand, the film features a few new characters. This change is in favor of many critics. Instead of trying to adapt the original story as closely as possible like The Lion King or trying to answer every fan’s question in Beauty and the Beast, Mulan freely roamed along with an innovative script while still possessing her original style and characteristics.

Therefore, Mulan can be considered as a more mature Disney movie. It is also the first animated adaptation to carry the PG-13 label of the Mouse House. However, this also makes the movie more attractive and the script is not too childish or insignificant.

mulan-full-movie-download 2
Can this be called a successful live-action remake? Download Mulan full movie and watch to verify

In this adaptation, Disney has done a great job in the visual aspect, bringing picturesque footage along with the distinctive red theme of the Chinese. The movie recording technique with continuously reversed camera angles also makes a great impression. It gives a sense of precariousness which is true to the dramatic, dangerous atmosphere of the war. You can verify this with Mulan full movie download below.

One of the differences in Mulan in the live-action version is that the battle scene is built with swordsmanship. The martial arts performances between the characters are choreographed very smoothly and beautifully which is a great treat for the eyes. Unfortunately, when it comes to the great battle scene between the two armies, this sequence is said to be quite simple and blurred.


The acting of famous actress Liu Yifei is also put into talks. While some say she has somewhat improved with multiple emotional and action scenes, others, especially the Chinese audience, say that her skills are still limited.

mulan-full-movie-download 3
The actress's acting is still meeting lots of doubts

One of the comments on the Internet can be seen as,

“Liu Yifei cannot event act like Pinocchio. At least Pinocchio’s nose can grow in and out, but Liu Yifei didn’t even bother to give a little glance.”

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There are new characters in the remake compared to the original animation, check out Mulan full movie download to see

Meanwhile, the audience can see many other famous actors and Chinese icons such as Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gong Li in the pivotal roles. The cast includes other actors such as Yoson An, Jason Scott Lee, Tzi Ma among others and they all contribute a big part in making the movie whole and successful.

Overall, Disney's adaptation of Mulan may be controversial, but it brings the Mulan legend back to its nature and roots. This is a mature live-action film, clearly showing a heroic aura and also has its very own imprint as the original.

Protests and criticism against "Mulan"

Although the latest live-action remake of Disney is now released and Mulan full movie download is also trending among movie lovers who cannot go to the cinema, some people still wouldn’t watch it.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists are restarting to boycott the movie and they are now joined by Taiwan and Thailand activists. The calls flared up last year when the movie’s lead actor Liu Yifei expressed her support for Hong Kong police who are accused by anti-government demonstrators to use superfluous force to quiet unrest.

The viral protests last year began as overall peaceful demonstrations but then became frequent fights between police and protesters. Things would not have turned into what it is right now if Liu Yifei did not wade into the conversation when the Hong Kong pretests were at their height.

mulan-full-movie-download 5
Although Mulan movie download is trending, many still maintain that they won't watch the film

She uploaded on Weibo in August 2019,

"I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong."

Citizens ignited the Mulan boycott movement immediately and very soon, #BoycottMulan was trending on the Twittersphere.

Even now, Chinese citizens are not happy with the release of the movie and international audiences are now the key for Mulan.

mulan-full-movie-download 6
Liu Yifei's statement last year sparked a lot of controversies

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