Love Sonia Review: A Journey Of Brothel In Mumbai, But Fail To Handle Emotionally?

Laavanya Hien |Sep 11, 2018

Physical, mental, financial and verbal abuses fly left, right and centre as Mrunal Thakkar enters Mumbai's red-light area. And then it goes somewhat haywire. Love Sonia is no and yes, yes and no- not necessarily in either order

Love Sonia, a great movie gets inspiration from the real life. The movie conveys meaningful stories about a struggling journey of a young girl. The girl is not afraid of challenges to rescue her sister who is a victim of the treacherous international human sex trafficking world.

Before going into the detailed review of Love Sonia, viewers would feel happier if they have a deep understanding of Love Sonia story. Then, they will have a broader view of its hidden messages.

Love Sonia Story

The movie started in an Indian’s drought village where a farmer, who is debt-ridden, copes with the desperation and poverty. He has two daughters, Sonia and Preeti. Although their dreadful circumstances, his two daughters still choose to live happily. However, their cheerful living time does not last long.

The unfortunate incident happens when the miserable father makes his decision to sell off Preeti to a rich local landlord for the sake of money. Without thinking too much and any worries, she begins her search to look for her sister. The journey of this young girl has dragged her to the dark world of Mumbai where she falls into a trap of the dangerous world of the horrific prostitution and the terrible sex trading.

love sonia

Love Sonia's actors Richa Chadha And Rajkummar Rao

Love Sonia Review

The ending of the movie appears to make you feel that Love Sonia’s filmmaker is doing for the audience who prefers to get titillated. Even when it might probably be just what takes place in brothels. There are several yucky points, and it could make you feel cringe sometimes.  It is much like you are left with a terrible taste in the mouth.

During the film, the life of a prostitution seems not to be displayed deftly. And, why didn’t the reason she was caught in a trap of being prostituted and her decision to keep bonded accomplished? If it is the true reason, I will give away that story. However, the film ends without looking completed, It only in turn leaves the sensation if it is not the sole, the titillation was one of the film’s motives.

The film director, Tabrez Noorani does an excellent job at employing the megaphone to support a side of an argument to ensure all will be discussed. Thanks to amazing performances coming from his gifted cast, Noorani has succeeded in keeping you considerate and attentive.

love sonia movie review 1

Manoj Bajpayee And Freida Pinto In Love Sonia

Does the cast do well?

So, how does his cast do to entertain viewers? First of all, the main actor Mrunal, who is even just a newcomer with this first appearance on the screen, acts fantastically with his role in the film. Another principal actor Richa Chadda is no less brilliant. Her talents during the films are interestingly expressed in each scene, regardless of long or short.

It is a fact that her expressions and performances in the film are so great that she deserves that much to receive a round of applause. More than that, she should have a greater deal than a role that could be done by anybody. Don’t forget to mention our talented Frieda Pinto who has got a reputation from the days of her Slumdog Millionaire.

Both fans and film critic recognizes her excellence. That’s why she outstandingly won the breakthrough acting award at the Palm Springs International Film Festivals. Nevertheless, his role in Love Sonia appears to be obviously for Noorani.

love sonia movie review 2

A Still From The Movie Love Sonia

Any criticism?

But, the thing that does not satisfy me is the numerous abuses of Manoj Bajpayee in which his talent does not get enough appreciation. So, have you thought of any reasons that lead him to be responsible for this role. It does not mean he does not act well. There is a hidden thing behind that. And, there might be something that is known as restraint.

It is a sad thing to know that the role of our brilliant Anupam Kher requires him for three-four short scenes. Along with that, there is an amount of uttering bahen ki gaali. If Tabarez Noorani could identify some timeless classics of Sharmila Tagore’s Mausam, Smita Patil, and Shabana Azmi, everything will go smoothly without any objections. There is a wonder that is it necessary to stick to words such as seal, mooh se sex, backdoor entry to govern the roost.

Censors have muted out some cuss words. However, it is still questionable how the nudity could run away from their scissors and eyesight. Is there anyone who takes up for subtlety? “Old wine in a new bottle?” There is no denying that the story of Love Sonia has been told millions of times before whether this yarn is short or long. Moreover, what’s the reason for demonstrating the Gora too sophisticated in which Sonia is born to delight him.

Now it’s time to think about it seriously. Isn’t it heartbreaking to witness how regular the overseas people capture Indian as the land filled in with beggars? Why could it give out an exceedingly raw picture of India’s brothels? Why does it need to stay away from the foreigners by only giving a comment that girls in distant who are not tortured?

Any lacking?

Cannot control the feeling that Noorani has been surrounded by the foreign coasts. For sure, anyone could help me arrange an appointment with Ritesh Shah, who wrote Hindi conversations, he has a lot of answers. Back to the task completed, mistakes, incomplete ending, Noorani will make us obliged by not trying to continue. Is Riya there?

Another point that Love Sonia gets some criticisms is that it may work well regarding the level of awareness. But, it produces a relatively shocking value in which the relationship between the sisters is not strong enough for viewers to sense the separation. While it is an important point in manufacturing a meaningful story in the film, Love Sonia does not probably do well in this area. Also, the story of the film seems to open up inorganically.

Additionally, one more annoying thing is the nature of Love Sonia’s story is easily predictable as well as deliberate. You could see in some first scenes. The girls have a tendency to act innocently. What’s more, the film’s situations are highly likely to bond together to trigger off a particular response and manipulate the feeling.

Final thought

All in all, Love Sonia is a sincere story about the real events in life. It is quite attractive, but the only thing that bothers the audiences is that it lacks the depth in emotional expression. It is a need for human drama to entertain audiences.

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