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Salena Harshini |Oct 01, 2020

Kaithi is yet another Tamil action-thriller blockbuster that you must not overlook. As a classic for its own genre, the movie is a huge success all over the world.

Kaithi, aka Prisoner, is an acclaimed 2019 Tamil action thriller movie written and helmed by director Lokesh Kanagaraj. Starring Karthi, Narain, George Maryan, Arjun Das, and Dheena in leading roles, the film sent a huge echo among movie lovers with its flair. Watch the film now with our Kaithi movie download link below.

Kaithi is the action thriller that you would regret if miss it

A prisoner who is on parole is about to meet his daughter. However, he is then assigned by an injured policeman to protect several cops. With such a big number of gangsters chasing after them, can the prisoner get himself off the hook?

Before Kaithi movie download, it would do no harm to take a look at our quick Kaithi review.

The film starts with an extremely economical setup. A group of policemen, led by Bejoy (Narain) has seized a big amount of cocaine hidden in a private cell under the office of the commissioner. The drug mafia spikes the drinks of police officers in the place and puts almost all of them under sedation.

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Starring Karthi and Arjun Das, the film is an unforgettable experience

To save the alarming situation, the wounded Bejoy has to recruit Dilli, a prisoner who has only gone out of jail on parole and is hoping to reunite with his daughter who he has never met. In the meantime, multiple college students are stranded with a line constable in the office and avert the gangsters from trespassing and get their bosses out.

The director gives the viewers all of this in Kaithi’s first 20 minutes, putting the start of an impressively shot thriller. The pure movie genre is brought about without the frills like romance and song that are usually seen in Tamil cinema. Although the film lasts two hours and is full of action sequences, hardly anyone feels exhausted watching the whole thing.

The prisoner, the star of the show, does not appear in the film way until the 20th minute of the narrative. Fans could feel a bit on the edge in this part of Kaithi movie download, but the transformation of Dilli would compensate for all the matters. The actor interchanges between a brooding prisoner who turns into the hero and a father who would go beyond any limits to meet his daughter.

Download Kaithi movie and you will see that the flick is somewhat like a video game, especially parts where Dilli must overcome difficult challenges upon transporting the police officers to safety.

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The action sequences in the flick will make you completely engaged in "Kaithi"

The stunts are also various, ranging from chases, fistfights, to a sublime shootout just when we thought it was becoming monotomous. The fact that Kaithi takes place in the night fives it a one-of-a-kind ambiance as we are not sure what danger hides in the dark.

The Kaithi cast did a great job pulling off the movie. In Kaithi full movie, there are a bunch of intriguing roles such as the gangster’s short-tempered brother (Arjun Dass), the fearless constable, the spies, the quick-witted students, and the daughter. Their performances are solid on the whole.

Narain brings just the needed amount of vulnerability while Dheena as the luckless lorry owner delivers some vivacious moments. Karthi whose buffed-up look gives a sense of a bit older version of Paruthiveeran brings about a muscular portrayal. You will also be moved in the part where he tells the past in a long shot.

Check out Kaithi movie download in high quality and get the film right now!

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Download Kaithi full movie and enjoy the cinema hit right now

The Kaithi full movie plays as a tribute to any renowned cops-and-criminals action films you could think of. Yet, Kaithi is nothing like what you have seen before. It embraces an action movie’s tropes while also eschews them. In Kaithi movie download, there is not a song, even some hidden in the background. Moreover, there is also not any leading lady who Karthi can be in a romance and croons with.

We do manage to see one of the top car-chase scenes and even more importantly, we get to see the plot about an under-siege police station and a prisoner that becomes a savior in time. Hardly can we have a chance to ask ourselves where the chaos is going as the narrative does not have room for questions.

The filmmaker, only one movie old at the time, takes the viewers on the night trip into the city which never sleeps and the morale and momentum never slip.

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Kaithi movie download brings you another Tamil masterpiece

Our review is only one of the many positive reactions that the film has collected. Following its positive reception, Kaithi turned into a blockbuster and won a number of prestigious accolades. A Hindi remake is going to be released, starring Ajay Devgn.

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