Hunter Killer Review: Gerard Butler Movie Is Something Of A Snoozefest

Laavanya Hien |Oct 26, 2018

Under the direction of Donovan Marsh, Hunter Killer is the latest American film which focuses on the action thriller genre.

Director: Donovan Marsh

Main cast: Gerard Butler, Carter MacIntyre, Linda, Gary Oldman, Common, and Cardellini.

Rating: 1.5 stars

Under the direction of Donovan Marsh, Hunter Killer is the latest American film which focuses on the action thriller genre. Interestingly, its story originates from Firing Point, a 2012 novel by Don Keith. It seems that the film plot, to some extent, relatively attracts viewers. However, many said that the plot is quite busy for viewers to catch the whole meaning as well as the story throughout the film. In brief, This Gerard Butler’s movie is all about an inexperienced captain team of American submarine together with Navy Seals of the US to salvage the president of Russia. The rogue general has kidnapped this Russian president.

Inside “Situation Room”, this world has been too similar to the day when Osama had been killed. We could see that her hand is covering the mouth when being killed. This was much like what Hillary Clinton had done. As a matter of fact, the movie starts when Hillary position for the President is just a probability. Thus, the film Hunter Killer might get the film’s President wrong. However, every other thing should have gratified the heart of Donald Trump.

Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer Review: Busy Plot

Hunter Killer includes a series of details which one comes after the other. Unfortunately, these details has enabled the film to become boring. Initially, there is the appearance of the Akula class, the Russian submarine. After that, an US submarine appears which is known as “Killer”. Next, two mystifying explosions appear. Then, Gary Oldman also appears in order to perform several main stompings which take place inside and outside the rooms. Plus, he also wages his fingers in front of as well as around the big screens.

After that, Gerard Butler comes to the screen with the action of playing a award-winning submarine specialist. So prized, Gerard is convened when he still in the middle of the hunt which happens in Scotland. This is also the place in which Gerard has just finished sparing his deer. And, the crossing exclusive helicopter flies him straight to his own ship.

Subsequently, an extremely special secret American unit emerges then lands in the area of Russia. Its appearance in this land is to investigate which has precisely happened. In the meantime, there is an incident taking place in Washington. In this scene, two people function to drag out the film. They play something while the other  pays serious attention to the female who has the responsibilities to save this world. It means western world.

Hunter Killer

At the time when Hunter Killer arrives at this point with several succinct lively action, it has so far been something extremely boring. The evidence for this snoozefest is via loads of mounted scenes which is like a lesson. And, this lesson focuses on submarine running through detonators, seas, torpedos, and sea beds.

Hunter Killer Review: Why Is It A Snoozefest?

Let’s think that when you have become familiar with several friendly Americans who are out-of-style verse terrible Russians fight, the former boys who are well-combed, clear-shaven and fresh-faced as well as the latter toughies who are growling and glaring, the film begins to penetrate the world which is like how Trump can observe it.

The director of Hunter Killer has portrayed a good president of Russia in this world. This president seeks advice from his Parliament and ministers. Moreover, he also suffers from an unexpected situation when his dishonest defence minister dethrones him. As previously mentioned, the film plot is relatively busy.

Next, viewers can see how the Americans save this world again one more time by making the great attempt to rescue the Russia’s president from men who own him. Whether people on both sides desire it or not, it aims at inserting in the tension patina.

hunter killer

Another thing that involves this film snoozefest is that to what extent others and Butler get their act of macho America. Along with that, Gerard Butler also gives it a go with a different thing as well as stares intently and long. They all say that Vladimir Putin is an actual watcher. It is because he looks and listens to everyone and everything. Hunter Killer has conveyed such a global bonding message which can make Trump see it.

Conversely, it’s improbable his counterpart who might agree with any President of Russia who experiences a haul to security on the shoulders of Americans. All in all, I go for this film with 1.5 stars. 


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