"Gone With The Wind" Full Movie Download: The Eternal Gem Of Hollywood

Salena Harshini |Jul 30, 2020

"Gone with the Wind" is always the most iconic movie of Hollywood despite the fact that more than 80 years have passed by. Watch the film right now!

Gone with the Wind is one of the best Hollywood classics that contributed to building up this whole empire. Released way back in 1939 yet the movie still remains the gem of Tinseltown and that is why we want to provide you with Gone with the Wind full movie so you can verify its mainstream-ity.

"Gone with the Wind" full movie is waiting for you to enjoy.

Gone with the Wind summary

Touted as the greatest Hollywood movie about the American Civil War (1861-1865), Gone with the Wind revolves around the ups and downs in the life of Scarlett O'Hara - a beautiful lady in a landlord family from the South of America with the man of her life - Rhett Butler.

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by Margaret Mitchell. It has won 10 Oscars and is a great emotional film that is loved by millions. Gone with the Wind Margaret Mitchell will always stay iconic.

"Gone with the Wind" movie is the most successful adapted film of all-time.

In Gone with the Wind full movie, Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh), a southern aristocratic woman has to struggle to survive from the storm of civil war and the period of reconstruction. Scarlett fell in love with Ashley (Leslie Howard), a strange noble man with ideals, but he has got married to his gentle cousin Melanie (Olivia de Havilland). Scarlett does not give up and still tries to pursue Ashley but gradually she gets entangled in a fateful love affair with Rhett Butler (Clark Gable), a careless but sincere player.

Scarlett is different from all the beauties who have been known in life or literature. She was not holy, not weak, not dependent, or passive. Scarlett was stubborn, callous, and energetic. She was not afraid to rise up to get what she needs, even if she has to step on others’ feet.

Gone with the Wind film was released a long time ago, yet it still has a massive impact on the audience and the industry.

Once Scarlett has made her mind, even if a devil blocked her path, she would do it at all costs. Unlike the idealized female characters in romance novels, Scarlett of Gone with the Wind full movie is lively, full of life, her legs cling to Tara’s red soil to survive.

Women cursed behind her back but deep down inside, they were jealous of her. Men feel insulted and indignant at her arrogant actions but are ready to fight only to bring her dessert.

Unlike traditional love stories, Gone with the Wind full movie ends unfinished with many unsolved questions.

"Gone with the Wind" quotes are also exceptionally famous.

Rhett eventually left, with the classic line: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn".

Scarlett broke down crying on the stairs and decided to return to Tara with an equally famous line: "After all, Tomorrow is another day". The film ends with the fierce determination of a woman who has never surrendered, and finally knows what she wants.

Vivien Leigh has surpassed more than 1400 actors, including many famous names such as Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn to win the role of Scarlett O’Hara. This role helped Vivien Leigh, at the time almost invisible in the US, become one of the film legends of the Hollywood heyday.

Award records and the bests

This is the first film to receive more than 5 Oscars, including 8 annual awards and two special awards, and also ranked No. 3 among the films receiving the most Oscar nominations. This record remained the same for the next 20 years until Ben-Hur appeared and won 11 awards in 1959.

Vivien Leigh was born to be Scarlett of "Gone with the Wind" full movie.

With a length of 238 minutes, Gone with the Wind full movie is both the first color film and the longest film ever to win an Outstanding Film Award in Oscar history. As a result, Vivien Leigh also became the best actress with the longest screen time ever: 2 hours 23 minutes 32 seconds.

Hattie McDaniel is the first African American in history to be nominated and won an Oscar. She won the Best Supporting Actress category for her role as Mammie.

The film has been re-released in US theaters about 8 times and earned $ 400 million. If measured at the inflation rate, the film's turnover is between $6 billion, deserving to be and is the highest-grossing film of all time.

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Check out "Gone with the Wind" full movie free below!

In 2008, Gone with the Wind was ranked 4th on the list of the greatest American films of all time.

Always named as one of the Top 10 best movies of all time by the American Film Institute, Gone with the Wind proves that vitality is timeless. Nearly 80 years have passed since the first release, Gone with the Wind still has a firm foothold in the hearts of fans, never “gone with the wind".

Gone with the Wind movie download

Enough said, let's enjoy the iconic movie right now with our Gone with the Wind full movie download.

Spare no time, enjoy the film and don't hesitate to share your comments with us.


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