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Bhavna Acharya |Jun 15, 2020

Over the past week, Axone surged on the internet as one of the hottest Netflix comedy-drama this June. Before getting Axone movie download, take a look at what the series is about and why it's worth watching.

After striking the chord in film festival around the world, Axone finally hit the cyberspace and was made available on the largest streaming platform Netflix. It was predictable that the internet is gushing over the comedy-drama. In fact, it surged on the internet as one of the hottest topics as people keep searching for Axone movie download and review.

Before getting Axone web series download, take a look at what the movie is about and why it's worth watching.

Axone Movie Download
Brilliantly directed and dedicatedly performed, “Axone” promises to be a worth-watching experience.

Getting premier for the first in London Film festival and Asian Premier in 2019, Nicholas Kharkongor’s Axone was al praised by the criticism for being one of a few mainstream series that focuses on the casual racism within the Northeastern community. The web comedy-drama follows a Delhi-based friend group who gather together to prepare a traditional pork dish as a wedding present for their friend.

The unique wedding present has also unexpectedly put them into chaos with an on-going series of unpleasant events. Widely recognized as a special ingredient of north-eastern cuisine, the fermented soybean paste called Axone often smells extremely pungent. As its strong smell can trigger a lot of people, the friend group has to deal with serious hostility and objection from their neighbors and landlords.

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Axone Movie Download 2
The friend group has to deal with an unexpected problem has their neighbor hate the smell of their axone

Successfully depicting inhabitant’s daily struggles, “Axone” appears as a deeply personal comedy of errors for Northeastern people who live in Delhi. Right from its beginning, audiences can see a lot of familiar racial slurs, slut-shaming, and eve-teasing quickly escalating to physical violence. With a well-constructed plot that resonates with the majority of the Northeastern community, “Axone” totally deserves being considered as a timely slice-of-life dramedy. And it's easy to reason why the search of Axone full movie download surges after it's released.

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Axone Movie Download 2
However, Axone is not only the story about a special and regional dish but it also unveils the criticism issue within the Northeastern community

Talking about his latest work, Nicholas Kharkongar, who also directed the 2016 well-acclaimed “Mantra”, said that his real-life experience had sowed the seeds for “Axone”. Having spent roughly 20 years living In Delhi as a Northeasterner, Kharkongor first-handedly experienced most of the struggles. As a result, what he’s narrated in the movie really goes along with the hardships that the Northeastern migrant community has to endure. By using a lot of daily slang materials like "malai" and various presumptuous statements, “Axone” has straightforwardly brought up the problem of discrimination in urban areas.

As many Northeastern people have faced racism due to the coronavirus outbreak, the release of Axone was perfect timing under the circumstance. That explains why Axone movie download is one of the hottest keywords on the internet over the past week.  “With the corona thing going on, now is a great time to have a film like this. Hopefully, it will be able to educate viewers more on the lives of the Northeast people.” the director said.

Axone Movie Download 4
Axone is now available on Netflix but you can also get Axone movie download in this article

The culturally-attached cast undeniably plays an important role in making “Axone” stand out. To make the world of “Axone” be even more down-to-earth, they have brought together a talent pool of actors with Northeastern roots. The only one that is not an actual Northeasterner is Sayani Gupta, but as proven by her career, the cultural background of the character is not a problem for her.

Besides familiar faces like Sayani Gupta (Upasana), Dolly Ahluwalia (the tyrant landlord) or Vinay Pathak (her son-in-law), the cast also comprises various new faces in the Hinglish line. When watching the movie, it’s hard to ignore the gripping acting from Lanuakum Ao, Lin Laishram, and Tenzin Dalha. While Lin Laishram made her debut in Bollywood with Mary Kom, Tenzin Dalha earned a reputation for his brilliant performance in Margarita With A Straw.

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More than telling a story about friendship and culture, “Axone” concurrently sheds light on heavy topics like racism and discrimination. Particularly by detailing everyday hassle Northeasterners have to deal with on a regular basis, the movie provides audiences with insight as an outsider in your own country.

Discriminating people based on their looks, language, accent, culture, and cuisine has long been an acute problem in Indian society. It is crucial to weave these subtle topics to the silver screen. “Axone” has captured the essences and dealt with them so well with a unique humorous vein.

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Axone Movie Download 4
Axone movie download: The web drama is said to be on point and get us more than we can expect

Nicholas Kharkongar has set a good example for a demographic of people to feel free to open up about their own stories. The best thing about “axone” is that it just simply tells a cultural story without any heavily-biased views. Rather than overdramatizing the social criticism, “Axone” chose to witness its characters’ difficulty when trying to celebrate an important occasion. Minimal, grounded, and lived-in, “Axone” got so much to offer in just nearly two-hour time.

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