"BLANK" Review: An Overstretched Thriller But Valiant Efforts Are Done By The Inexperienced Filmmakers

Vaishnavi Gavankar |May 03, 2019

The debut of yet another star kid, Karan Kapadia, son of the actress and fashion designer ‘simple Kapadia and nephew of Dimple Kapadia. Fortunately sharing the screen with the Bollywood Star Sunny Deol in a suspense loud thriller "BLANK".


Director: Behzaad Khambata
Cast:Karan Kapadia, Sunny Deol, Ishita Dutta, Karanveer Sharma,...
Ratings: 3/5

The debutant director of the movie BLANK, Behzaad Khambata manages to maintain the suspense and the urgency of the situation throughout the film. The movie starts with the audience engaging thriller scenes and sound score.

Blank Poster
BLANK Official Movie Poster.

Karan Kapadia plays the character of Hanif, who is found by the Anti-terrorist squad with a bomb drilled into his chest. The investigation starts by Anti-terrorist Squad chief Diwan; the character plays by Sunny Deol. Diwan suspects that Hanif is a part of the biggest terrorist organization, and planning for a terror attack. This compels ATS chief Diwan to puff and pant through the city’s slum area as well as streets. His crew members, actress Ishita DuttaKaranveer Sharma both were not up to the mark in their onscreen appearances.

Sunny Deol and Karan Kapadia in a still from BLANK.

Although the movie does not come with strong suspense and thriller, the terrorist, Maqsad (Jameel Khan), leads ‘Tehreer-e-Hind’ terrorist organization. Hanif was the innocent as he claims. Along with the actors and director, cinematographer R Dee also makes his debut with BLANK. His work is notable and commendable - the narration of the film done effortlessly by the editor Sanjay Sharma. Inexperience assistant directors and crew members of the film have tried their best level performances.

Karan Kapadia In A Still From Blank
Karan Kapadia in a still from BLANK.

Akshay Kumar shares screen space with his brother-in-law Karan Kapadia and brings charismatic energy in the special song Ali Ali right before the end. Besides this, promotional song Warning nahi dunga was an average song involving Sunny and his crew.

Sunny Deol In A Still From The Film
Sunny Deol in a still from the film.

Sunny Deol is a veteran hero at saving the nation from the villains. He has the natural, unconventional intensity and the organic ability to pull off any action thriller sequences. Karan Kapadia as a debutant looks fresh and attractive. Overall, the low budget film BLANK showcases the inexperience in the action thriller scenes and the moments of amateur execution. Summing up, given its premise, the film had the potential and ability to be an edge of the seat thriller, if only the writing and implementation of the sequences could have been better.

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