5 Women’s Characteristics That Most Men Don’t Know About (But Really Should!)

Kimmy Karima |Sep 24, 2019

Some experts state that women are from Venus, men are from Mars, which means they’re so different. So what should men know about the opposite sex, at least to gain a better understanding of the women around them?

You may have come across a lot of men who say that women can’t be understood. To the point that men give up all their attempts to get to know more about the opposite sex, while women are often sad that men don’t even try.

It’s always good to know more about the opposite sex.

How could we make both sexes feel better? We decided to collect the most outstanding characteristics of females and make them clearer to males. So from now on, men won’t find it as hard to read their ladies' minds, and women won’t find it too frustrating just because their men seem to be too indifferent. This world would be much more peaceful that way, right?

Most women are scared and/or tired of men

Some men really make bad impressions.

The sad, sad truth is that most women have had bad experiences involving men. Men flirting rudely, men threatening, even men hitting women are some of the things most of us have experienced, seen, or read about at least once. That’s not to mention that some men even abuse their female partners.

It doesn’t mean that all men are bad. But ladies’ nervousness seems to be imprinted in their brains. They don’t want to be doubtful or cautious of men. But they just are.

Knowing this trait will make men have more sympathy towards their partners. Hopefully men will also be gentler and kinder. Isn’t that great for both genders?

Most women listen to their hearts

Girls are emotional and tend to overthink.

Men are better at keeping cool and acting rationally. Women are often driven by their emotions and some may be super sensitive. Because of all that, females tend to think more negatively than males do and are more likely to feel hurt, offended, or depressed than men too.

But if you look from a different angle, you’ll see that women, with their warm hearts and emotional natures, also tend to be more caring and they are better at comforting those around them.

So men should actually cherish their warm-hearted female partners, though sometimes they seem to be a bit dramatic. Because it’s those sentimental ladies that will offer men a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.

Women love romance

Romance should never die.

With that, we mean all women. Most men can be romantic for the honeymoon phase, but their ladies never want the loving words and gesture to cease. Because females are very emotional and sensitive, remember?

Once everything becomes routine and a man starts thinking that romance is something vain, his woman starts feeling that love is fading away. But if men understand this and keep on showing their romantic side, their ladies would be thankful and of course, give a lot more love and care. And the bond is strengthened, powerfully.

Most women want to share and be listened to

Finding a good listener is so wonderful!

Most women talk more than men do. They think sharing is caring and have the need to share a lot of things that happen during their days, especially things that bother them. But most men don’t like sitting still listening to a long story. They are the creatures of solutions. So their reaction to their partners’ sharing is often like this: “Can you just make it short? Just tell me your problem and I may help”. But in most case, what women is looking for is not a solution. They look for good listeners, who can meet their need of talking and sharing. So when a man is willing to listen to his woman, she believes that’s true love. Simple as that.

Most women are basically persistent

Ladies are stronger than they seem.

Most men are physically stronger, but the majority of women are mentally tough and persistent. They are also patient and have good self-discipline. They are even less likely to give up. If they fall, they will rise again. Their energy and resilience may be really hard to match.

Yes, women are delicate and breakable. But take a look around, isn’t it right that some toughest people you know are females too?


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