10 Top-Notch Watches For Women Keep Trending In 2020

Rose Advani |Mar 06, 2020

To women, owning a brand watch show accessorize her a chic look not just to knowing the time. Here is the collection of top-notch watches for women that will be hunted in 2020. Take a look!

Among plenty of timepieces, it’s not easy to pick up a good watch for your special woman. You will wonder whether that watch is stylish, high-quality or suitable with her taste. Keep calm and narrow down what you are gonna buy as the certain prices, the brand, the style, and materials which she loves. Here is the list of top designer watches for women that keep trending in 2020 you can get as a good reference.

Eco-Drive Silhouette Crystal Watch

This crystal bezel watch stands out without requiring battery because it can convert natural and artificial light into energy as its name, an eco-watch. The timepiece is a great combination between golden and silver color, adding sparkling diamond decorations which giving her a chic look.

Watches for women 2020 1
Eco Drive Silhouette Crystal Watch Ew1908 59a

Brand: Citizen

Site: Amazon.com

Price: INR 16,072

Major Stud Leather Strap Watch

A Rebecca Minkoff watch is a Stud Leather Strap Watch, which features the leather strap and face. Plus, the timepiece has added some edges to a simple silhouette that giving the item a unique feature.

Watches for women 2020 2
Major Stud Leather Strap Watch 35mm

Brand: Rebecca Minkoff

Site: nordstrom.com

Price: INR 11,084

Deco Mid Diamond Dial Watch Head & Bracelet

Are you finding a luxurious watch for her? This watch is a perfect choice to invest with diamonds accent the mother-of-pearl dial for subtle sparkle. Additionally, you can switch to other looks by the interchangeable bracelet. These two-tone metals watch also make your hand outstanding.

Watches for women 2020 3
Deco Mid Diamond Dial Watch Head Bracelet

Site: Michele

Site: nordstrom.com

Price: INR 103,083

Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

If she is a dynamic girl and a big fan of a smartwatch, this Apple watch will be a great gift on this International Women’s Day for her. Here is the newest feature of this Apple watch series with an always-on display and useful built-in compass. Notably, this Apple watch is one of the favorite things of the billionaire women Oprah.

Watches for women 2020 4
Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Gold Aluminum Case

Brand: Apple

Site: bestbuy.com

Price: INR 29,484

Oprah Winfrey and Apple Watch
Oprah Winfrey evaluated this Apple watch is one of best watches for women

Raven Scallop Smart Bracelet Watch

Another choice regarding smartwatch by reminding the owner about a traditional timepiece. However, the colorful displays create a youthful look for this watch.

Raven Scallop Smart Bracelet Watch 42mm
Raven Scallop Smart Bracelet Watch, 42mm

Brand: Kate Spade New York

Site: nordstrom.com

Price: INR 24,976

Bloom Gunmetal & Rose Gold-Tone Link Bracelet Watch

For a modern girl, this trendy watch will be an impressive gift for her. The watch features a rose pattern, gunmetal bracelet with a sleek dial.

watches for women 2020
Bloom Gunmetal Rose Gold Tone Link Bracelet Watch

Brand: MVMT

Site: bloomingdales.com

Price: INR 12,192

Classic Petite Bondi Watch

For a chic look, this Daniel Wellington watch will suit her taste. The watch features clean aesthetic belies an attainable price tag.

Watches for women 2020 7
Classic Petite Bondi Watch 28mm

Brand: Daniel Wellington

Site: bloomingdales.com

Price: INR 11,749

Gold-Tone and Blush Pink Resin Bracelet Watch

This Anne Klein is a medium-size watch adding some lightness, which is an elegant gift for the girl who loves the minimal design.

Watches for women 2020 8
Gold Tone And Blush Pink Resin Bracelet Watch

Brand: Anne Klein

Site: amazon.com

Price: INR 4,945

Baume Custom Timepieces

Last but not least, the watch contains luxury Swiss features. The watch follows the minimal style which is made-to-order and fully customization. This watch features the natural linen strap and gold steel design.

Watches for women 2020 9
Baume Custom Timepieces - Luxurious watches for women

Brand: Baume

Site: baumewatches.com

Price: INR 41,381

There are top design watches for women you must consider to buy and give her on this special day. You surely grab her heart on this timepiece gift.

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