Top Bollywood-Based Cafes For A Movie Lover

Ankita Chetana |Mar 06, 2020

If you are a food lover and also pay interest in Indian movies, here are the best Bollywood-based cafes for you to visit.

What would be better than having some food and drink in a corner of a cafe and discussing about Bollywood movies? Your favorite characters on the walls and dishes with written dialogues from the top movies, what a wonder! If you really love this kind of experience, let's visit these following Bollywood-based cafes in India and enjoy your favor!

Garam Dharam

Garam Dharam
Garam Dharam attracts visitors for its classic theme of Bollywood and favorable dishes

One of the most famous Bollywood-based cafes with ravishing themes of actors and their roles is Garam Dharam. Locating in the center of Delhi, this place is always a reward for your quality time. Ever watching Sholay, you will be reminded of Veeru pajji and his bike. And you also can have some Tandoori butter chicken with the cost of Rs 1,200 for two.

Lights, Camera, Action

Lights Camera Action
Amongst all the Bollywood-based cafes, Lights, Camera, Action brings you to the world of odds

Seems like from the name of the cafe, it's attractive enough for Bollywood lovers to join the hues of movies. The most interesting thing to draw your attraction here is the tripod stands that some directors used, cameras and soundtracks from some well-known movies. With the theme of 'Mere pass maa hai', this is undoubtedly a worthy experience for you with the price of Rs 1,300 for two.

IIFA Buzz cafe

Iifa Buzz Cafe
IIFA Buzz cafe is famous for the pictures of B-town stars and the certain theme of red velvet couches

From the display of much-loved Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan to the astonishing color of red velvet, IIFA Buzz cafe deserves your must-have visit. Stepping into this place, you will be fulfilled with the Bollywood senses when looking at movie posters, dialogues, and music. Especially, the owner here made an IIFA trophy to make your favor real and impressed. Of course, you need to pay a suitable price of Rs 2,100 for two to sit on the sensational couches surrounded by Bollywood images.

Box-office cafe

Box Office Cafe
You can see various artistic pictures of Bollywood actors and the popular dialogues in this cafe

Whenever you reach Hudson lane of North Campus, you will find a perfect corner to wave at your favor. Both the mouth-watering taste of the food there and the background of Bollywood will satisfy your live-action muse. The price of Rs 1,200 for two also treasures your pocket.

Filmy Cafe and Bar

Filmy Cafe And Bar
Filmy Cafe and Bar recalls the memories of the old movies which have gone for a long time

The last name in the list of Bollywood-based cafes is a bright corner for you with vintage decoration and classic music of all time. Writing down the history of Bollywood, this cafe is truly a destination for your golden experience to feel the Filmigiri. You only need to pay Rs 1,500 for two to enjoy this quality time.


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