Top 6 Indian Cities to Visit

longptb |Aug 07, 2021

These 10 cities are in the first place in the ranking of the most interesting places in India.

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The constant flow of many tourists to this country is explained by the special culture and uniqueness of ancient architecture. Here the foundations of yoga culture and meditation were laid. This is a fabulous country with stunningly beautiful scenery.

In India, the number of beautiful places is simply overwhelming. Whether we refer to temples and palaces of incredible beauty, mountains, rivers, or waterfalls. These 10 cities are in the first place in the ranking of the most interesting places in India.

  1. Mumbai

Officially known as Bombay, Mumbai is the capital of India and the most populous city in the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai has experienced a mix of different cultures and religions. Although the city is growing at a rapid pace, you will still see many shocking scenes of poverty. The city also hosts Indian cinema and has many cinemas to watch movies from around the world. Mumbai is architecturally similar to New York City, but also has an eclectic mix of colonial buildings, elegant bars, colorful bazaars, and bright new shopping malls.

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Modern Mumbai is famous for its diverse architecture, the colonial mansions in the old quarters are adjacent to the tall buildings in the southern part of the city. The most interesting are:

  • The triumphal arch "India Gate" (1924);
  • The fort of the city (1720);
  • The churches of St. John and St. Thomas the Apostle;
  • St. Thomas Cathedral (1672-1718);
  • Prince of Wales Museum (1911);
  • Mahalakshmi Hindu Temple;
  • The Haji-Ali mausoleum and mosque.
Indian Style
Indian Style
  1. Dehli

Delhi is a vibrant, colorful city, where modern buildings coexist with ancient monuments. It is the second-largest Indian metropolis with a population of 16 million. Located on the banks of the river Jamna. However, the most famous landmark in Delhi is not the ancient buildings at all, but the construction from 1986. This is the Lotus Temple, which has become famous all over the world.

Delhi has many medieval buildings. Qutb Minar is a temple complex built by several generations of sultans. The main tower was founded during the reign of Qutb ad-Din Aybek (13th century). The tower has 5 floors, separated by balconies.

Another old building is Humayun's Mausoleum. This is the tomb of the kings of the Babur dynasty. It is an incredibly beautiful red sandstone structure with black and white marble inserts. They contrast with each other, emphasizing the splendor of architectural forms.

  1. Kolkata

Kolkata is the cultural center of modern India and a very colorful and contrasting city. Poverty on the street coexists with some of the best golf courses in the world, and shabby colonial buildings stand next to rich and well-dressed gentlemen betting on the local luxury racecourse.

The local population is very hospitable and cheerful, despite the poverty, and the Bengali cuisine is one of the most original in the world. However, to enjoy it, you need to try to find an air-conditioned restaurant, which can be difficult.

Victoria Memorial is one of the main attractions in Kolkata and is now a museum dedicated to the history of British India. The temple of the goddess Kali in Kolkata is the main temple of this goddess, which is worshiped especially in West Bengal.

  1. Chennai

Chennai is the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Formerly known as Madras. The main attraction is Kapalishvarar, the largest temple in Chennai. It is dedicated to the god Shiva.

Lively, vibrant, and colorful, the city is full of all sorts of masterpieces and luxurious-looking art temples. Chennai is one of the four major cities in India, which the locals call the Gateway to Sunshine South. Chennai City is the best beach resort located in the southern part of Kerala, southern India.

This is an ideal place to relax during a fascinating trip to India, here you can see many interesting attractions, relax on white beaches, enjoy the beauty of nature and taste the traditional cuisine of this area.

Indian Experience
Indian Experience
  1. Bangalore

Tourists who are first in India are always truly amazed by the beauty of this city, the capital of the state of Karnataka. Imagine big trees, spread out, without leaves at all, but covered with f white, red, purple flowers. And next to them are trees covered with dense foliage and dark green and also in an exuberant color.

Bangalore is not a resort, but a giant with a population of over eight million, the third-largest city in India. It focuses on modern industries - from the production of defense to the production of the latest devices and gadgets related to information technology. It is not for nothing that the city is sometimes called "Indian Silicon Valley". Here are some popular Bangalore attractions:

  • Bangalore Palace;
  • Shri Radha Krishna temple complex;
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden;
  • Janapanda Locke Museum of Folk Art;
  • Tawakkal Mastan Tomb.
  1. Nagpur

Nagpur, located in the state of Maharashtra, is known throughout India for its special oranges and orange cultivation. Apart from oranges, the history of Nagpur is also very rich, which attracts tourists. From natural beauty to flowing waterfalls, gardens, forts that tell the story of Nagpur temples make Nagpur very special and from the point of view of tourism. On the banks of the Nag River is the city of Nagpur.

The people of Nagpur speak Hindi and Marathi. The city has its university, archeological museum, and zoo. By Indian standards, Nagpur is a fairly clean city with fresh air. The locals are skilled in various crafts (especially the production of silk fabrics), oranges are grown and manganese ores are mined.


India is a vibrant country of striking contrasts, where the modern world and ancient traditions intersect. Some of the cities in our top 6 must-see cities in India impress with their unusual attractions, while others enjoy their scenic scenery. However, they are all interesting for travelers and attract many tourists.

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