Top 5 Indian Food Bloggers: Fantastic Journeys Across Colorful Culinary World In India

Kareena Kusari |Apr 29, 2019

Top 5 Indian food bloggers below will surely take you across the fantastic journey of a colorful and delicious culinary world.

Over the past few years, as the food blogging industry is on the rise globally, India has also witnessed an explosive growth in the number of food bloggers across the country. They are individuals with a burning passion for culinary and desire to convey their discoveries of a wide variety of flavors and cuisine in India to the like-minded readers.

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If you are genuinely finding the fascinating eating places, yummy recipes or simply seeking inspiration for cooking, and cuisine, merely flipping through top 5 Indian food bloggers in this article and give them a follow. They will surely take you through the fantastic journey of a colorful and delicious culinary world. Let's start!

1. Ronak Rajani

Instagram: - 388K followers


Are you in preparation for a journey to Mumbai? Or confused about what to eat this interesting city? If so, Ronak Rajani's Mumbai Foodie will be a perfect destination for honest recommendations and positive reviews ever.

Possessing a follower base of approximately 388K and over 3,500 Instagram posts, the man behind all Mumbai Foodie's deliciousness is currently considered one of the top influential food bloggers in India.

Once stumbling across Ronak's Instagram or his blog, you will step into a true paradise for food lovers as coming across a truckload of yummy food posts shot with care and professional photography here.

2. Karan Dua

Instagram: - 268K followers

Blog: Dil Se Foodie

Before the success of the food blogging come to him, Karan Dua is merely is an animation professional a few years back. However, after discovering a genuine passion for food in him, Karan instantly decided to give up his stable job and chased his dream.

Since then, he started his journey named food blogging by founding Dilsefoodie, a platform that connects like-minded individuals and gives real gourmets a chance to share their eating, cooking, and tasting experiences.

Therefore, if you are seeking inspiration for food places to visit in India, following Karan’s Instagram or blog is a must. All the food posts on his Instagram feed look delicious and will surely make you drool as entering for the first time.

3. Sarah Hussain

Instagram: zingyzest- 236K followers

Youtube Channel: Zingy Zest Vlogs

A few years back, after completing a diploma in political science from Delhi University, Sarah Hussain spent much of her time exploring new eating places and subsequently posted her food picture as well as her food reviews via Instagram. And the path to Sarah's food blogging has started since then.

Her Instagram filled with many food posts immediately attracted more than 1,000 followers solely within three months after its appearance. Besides, Sarah also garnered much attention from local restaurants. Many street foods began to invite her to try their food for free, whereas luxury dining brands would like to collaborate with her for advertising.

Sarah, the big name behind Zingy Zest's popularity, once held the first rank on the Zomato Leaderboard for six consecutive months at the age of 20. Previously, she worked in collaboration with Radisson Blu, Yum Yum Cha, Warehouse Cafe among others and currently focuses more on Public Relations for a wide range of hotels and restaurants.

Coming to her Instagram or Youtube channel, the readers will have an opportunity to explore plentiful cuisines from hidden food joints in the streets to fine dine in 5 stars in Delhi.

4. Archana Doshi

Instagram: Archana's Kitchen - 201K followers


Archana Doshi, a software-engineer-turned-food-blogger, has started her venture into the food blogging industry since 2007 by building Archana’s Kitchen.

Coming to Archana’s Kitchen, her recipe-and-food-discovery website, the readers will find many credible and delicious DIY tastes for your everyday cooking. Going beyond the conventional cookbook, it focuses on rich content including menu plans, dinner ideas, special diets among others, which enables you to start cooking and eating healthy.

Besides, all the artistically photographed food posts on her website and Instagram will also bring you inspiration for cooking immediately.

5. Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain

Instagram: thegreatindianfoodie - 178K followers

Possessing a well-reputed profile with approximately 178K followers and over 3,200 Instagram posts, two brothers from Delhi, Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain, are currently considered one of the leading food bloggers in India.

Their entire Instagram feed will bring their weekly food explorations to the followers through a wide variety of drool-worthy dishes and food pics from cakes, pastries to Delhi street food.


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