Top 10 Best Ways to Erase Wrinkles And Keep Skin Glowing Naturally

Nagini Shree |Mar 13, 2019

Are you lacking confidence due to wrinkles? Here are some ways to get rid of them and keep your skin healthy for a longer period of time.

Wrinkles, known as rhytides, are the result of lack of moisture and elasticity of the skin. This happens mainly due to ageing and some environmental factors. Environmental exposure, unhealthy habits, dehydration, and malnutrition can all make your face more likely to develop more wrinkles. As wrinkles is an indispensable part of ageing, there is no solution to avoid getting them.

However, if you would like to slow the signs of ageing on your face, you can try some natural and simple way below.

1. Use sunscreen

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Source: Harvard Health - Harvard University

There is no way you can get rid of wrinkles without wearing sunscreen. A sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) over 30 can help prevent from cancer and help nourish your skin every day.

2. Reduce sugar intake

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Eating a lot of sugar can break down collagen, cause wrinkles and fine lines and make you look older. If you want to stay wrinkle-free, be sure to limit the sugar intake and oil-rich foods in your diet.

3. Stop smoking

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Smoking is one of the main factors that contribute to the premature ageing of the skin. Smoking has been known to affect the oxygenation of the skin, leaving it deprived of the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals besides many cancers and other diseases.

4. Use coconut oil

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Coconut oil is a natural ingredient to smooth your skin, and it is especially recommended for people who have dry skin. Another element that has been found to aid in reducing wrinkles is lemon balm leaf tea. It also helps skin retain moisture, which makes your face appear fuller.

5. Consume beta carotene

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The antioxidants found in vitamin A-and beta-carotene-rich foods help to fortify the skin against getting wrinkles in the first place, as well as the formation of new lines. You can simply take an amount of beta carotene through some supplements, creams or fruits like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and see the benefits in your skin.

6. Drink lemon balm leaf tea

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Lemon balm leaf is emerging as a new remedy to fight against wrinkles. A study found that the lemon balm leaf extract makes skin more elastic and corrects tissue damage thanks to heaps of antioxidants. You can drink a cup of tea brewed with lemon balm before bed.

7. Switch up sleep position

Sleep Position Back

Sleeping face down or with one side of your face pushed into your pillow means that fluid accumulates, which leads to compression. Over time, this compression makes your skin weaker and thinner, forms some wrinkles in this area. Lying on your back will minimise this. And remember to take a beauty sleep for at least 8 hours daily.

8. Moisturize Daily

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Taking three to five minutes to moisturise your skin at night is never a waste of your time.  The use of moisturising creams is essential for the well-being of the skin because they keep it elastic, healthy and protected.

9. Avoid ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light is the ultimate cause of most wrinkles on your face and other body parts. Opt for a sunless tanning lotion over long sunbathing sessions in the sand, and wear a hat that shields your face from the sun during long periods outdoors. When possible, dress pants and long-sleeved shirts when you’re adventuring outdoors.

10. Meditate every morning

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Being constantly stressed can speed up the ageing process, and that’s something no one wants. To make sure you keep your cortisol levels in check, meditate on the daily.


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