7 Tips For Getting The Best Sun Tan, Safely

Author |Oct 12, 2018

How to enhance and prolong your tan without damaging your skin

Tips to the secret of getting a safe and best suntan

In many recent years, suntan has become a hot trend with young people, especially in Western countries. Some people think that tanning is a sign of damaged skin since the sun rays containing toxic factors have affected your skin. In fact, researchers show that a suntan can actually be a natural way of your body protecting your skin from being damaged by UV rays. Besides, a lot of people love sunbathing because the sunlight brings us many benefits: synthesize vitamin D in the body to make bones, teeth, skin strong and promote the serotonin levels, which is proved to ease anxiety. However, you need to get suntan in an appropriate and clever way to avoid skin cancer and aging cells.

1. Avoid using sunbeds as much as possible

For sure that a lot of people have heard and believed that lying on a sunbed under the sun can give them a perfect and “healthy” tan. But it’s a misleading thought. According to Dr Nick Lowe, tanning beds release an enormous amount of UVA, a factor causing skin cancer by 75%. UVA rays can destroy the collagen in your skin’s upper layer. This will lead to permanent damage without any recovery. Therefore, you should avoid using sunbeds for tanning due to their danger as smoking.

2. Choose the most suitable sun cream for your skin

When you want to get suntan, one of the indispensable items you cannot lack is the sun cream. With a view to meeting the demand for consumers, there are a thousand sun cream products in the cosmetic market. However, not all of them can keep your skin away from the UVA’s bad effects. Don’t totally set all your hope on SPF (an index to measure how long the sun cream can avoid UVB rays). When buying this product, you should find the term “broad spectrum”. Also, you need to notice the UVA logo and the word “high” beside it. We highly recommend La Roche-Posay Anthelios.

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Sun cream with SPF30 or over SPF50 is considered to be good for your skin. SPF30 can filter up to 97% UVB rays and SPF50 can filter 98%. Sun cream with SPF50 can avoid the UVB rays in up to 8 hours and you don’t need to reapply it to your skin every two hours like the other kinds but it can make you a little bit chalky. For those who have dark skin, SPF15 is fine.

3. Know and limit the tanning time

The skin will reach the “saturated state” after a period of time sunbathing under the sunlight. It means that there is no point in spending more time getting suntan because your body can no more produce melanin. At that time, what you have to do is to find a cool place to shelter. If you keep lying under the sun over two or three hours, you will get burned and may suffer from the risk of UV rays.

4. Find shade to shelter

As we recommended, you should spend 2-3 hours or even less than this for sunbathing each day. However, you have to take some breaks during this period of time by finding some shade to retire. This will reduce negative effects as well as the risk of getting burned.

5. Swap tan-accelerating creams for supplements 

Dr Marko Lens shared that there were no products assisting in boosting the melanin levels for your skin. But taking 25g beta-caretone every day can do it. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to apply too much sun cream or no cream at all. Beta-caretone just helps increase the skin’s defence against harmful factors of UV rays by enhancing the ability of tanning.

Imedeen Tan Optimizer tablets are believed to be good for your skin. They are able to help  prepare your skin for sun exposure and protect cells from oxidative stress.

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6. Eat foods for sun protection 

If you have an intention of getting suntan, eating sun-friendly foods should be added to your to-do-list. Red and orange fruits or veggies have a large amount of antioxidant, which can protect you from sunlight effects by 33%.
Green tea is also one of the sun-friendly foods you should try. It is packed with polyphenols which can help prevent cancer. Or Omega-3 fish has anti-inflammatory powers too. Besides, dark chocolate has the same use.

Remember that fake tan offers no sun protection, but it can help you stop burning by easing the first day pale panic on holiday. Treat yourself to a spray tan before the big bikini reveal or find the perfect one to use at home with our round up of the best fake tans.

fake tan has no role in sun protection but it can make your skin feel cool and save you from sunburn. So remember to apply the tanning lotion or get a professional spray at home before sunbathing time for a safe and best sun tan


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