The reason why you should never put Coconut Oil nowhere near your skin

Author |Sep 03, 2018

Especially if you suffer from acne from a long time.

This is why you should never put coconut oil on your face - Women's Health UK

Recently, coconut oil has been seen as a multi-tasking miracle beauty product. Dry hair? Apply some coconut oil on it. Dry skin? Put some coconut oil on it. Got any kind of beauty problem? Put some coconut oil on it. But it might not be the hero of all skin after all.

According to Cult Beauty, adult acne can be triggered by the effects of dairy and sugar on your skin. But chatting about coconut oil on skin they came up with a shocking revelation about the 'miracle oil'.

Annie Tevelin, a makeup artist who had her own skincare line, SkinOwl, says you should put  coconut oil nowhere near your skin. She had severe acne in her late twenties because of it. As a result, she would never, ever, ever put it on her skin. “Coconut oil is less like a pure plant oil and acts more like a wax on the skin, much like jojoba oil. It’s very comedogenic which means that it can’t penetrate the pore. Because of this, using coconut oil for skin means it stays on top of the skin, leading to clogged pores, breakouts and without proper absorption, causes extreme dryness.”

Nicolas Travis,  founder of skincare brand Allies of Skin also had some points to add. "Coconut oil is highly comedogenic and it creates a barrier on your skin that can block and suffocate pores. It also doesn’t have a very great nutrient profile with topical benefits - there are many other superior oils like Baobab, Rosehip and Tamanu Oil that will better nourish the skin."

But what about using coconut oil for things like cleansing the makeup? Still not great as Annie points out. "It’s always better if you rinse it off, but I still wouldn’t personally recommend as it can leave a film and thus clog the skin”. If you just can't stop using coconut oil as a makeup remover, there are alternatives, as Nicolas explains. "I would just use it around the eyes as there are no oil glands and switch to better oils to remove makeup on the face - like Argan oil and Safflower oil.”

After all, coconut oil should be cancelled from your skincare routine.


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