Steal These Fashion Hacks From Celebs And You’ll Never Have A Style Disaster Again! (Part 2)

Kimmy Karima |Aug 11, 2019

Stars and their stylists have the best styling tips. Here are some more for you to keep in mind and make use of at anytime.

Stars always look perfect on the red carpet and in every event they attend. They rarely have styling mistakes that they would regret later on. That’s because they and their stylists have great (and interesting) fashion hacks that we maybe have never thought of. We’ve made a collection of those hacks here for you, so you’ll look like a star next time you go out!

Use a thin scarf when putting on your shirt/dress

Bella Hadid
Wearing a dress with a "difficult" neckline, Bella Hadid must have used a scarf to keep her makeup safe.

If you have had make-up on before you put on your shirt/dress, you should cover your face with a silk scarf. That will prevent your makeup from touching your shirt/dress (which may ruin both your makeup and your shirt/dress) when your head goes through the neckline.

Of course, you should still go gently so the scarf won't rub against your face too hard. This tip is a nice one because you can use a scarf many times for this purpose before you have to wash it. Anyway, choose one that is easy to wash, for your convenience.

Use skin-tone underwear

Kristen Stewart had a smart underwear choice.

Skin-tone underwear goes well with any kinds of outfits, especially the see-through dresses. They’re even better than underwear that matches the outfit colors. Try to wear the seamless undergarments for a sleek look.

Use larger shoes

Larger Shoes
Celebrities almost always wear larger shoes on the red carpet.

This is a common tip in the entertainment world: wear heels that are one size or two larger so your feet won’t rub too hard against the shoes and won’t develop blisters. Of course, you should only do this when you have to walk for just a short period of time.

Because standing in a-little-too-large shoes is fine, but walking in them is not so easy. And you won’t want your shoes to fall off your feet, will you?

Use makeup on the scalp

Mariah Carey Makeup On Scalp
Some makeup makes the scalp look better.

Not everyone has a full head of hair, and one will be quite embarrassed if his/her scalp shows too much. Fortunately, the answer is within reach! If a star’s hair-line doesn’t fully cover his/her scalp, the stylist will apply some makeup in color similar to the hair on the scalp. There, the stars with thin hair have no more worries.

Use a hair-dryer for wrinkled clothes

Hair Dryer
A hairdryer can blow out the wrinkles on your clothes./Photo: The Krazy Coupon Lady.

No one wants to turn on a hot iron or a big steamer just for some wrinkles on clothes. So next time, you can use your hair-dryer instead. It’s easy and quick. The dryer would work as mini steam iron, so it’s very useful when you need to smooth a small crumpled area on your clothes quickly.

Use nipple covers on your feet

Nipple Covers For Feet
Stick nipple covers on backs of your heels, and you'll wear heels more comfortably.

Nipple covers are great to cover the backs of your heels too. They are soft and thin, and you can cut them into any shapes you want. Stick them on the backs of your heels, and they won’t rub against the shoes. Which helps your feet feel comfortable. If you don’t have nipple covers, you can use small Urgo bandages instead.

Use healing ointment to get in your shoes

Jlo Knee High Boots
Getting your legs into these boots could be a pain.

Knee-high boots are fashionable, but they could be a pain to get in. It seems to take forever for you to put your legs in those “long” shoes. In this case, apply some healing ointment - it works as a lubricant so your legs can go into the boots more smoothly.


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